4 Email Marketing Strategies To Promote Your School

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Email Marketing Techniques that Will Make Your School Stand Out from the Rest

If you run a school, you probably already know about the importance of effective communication. Communication is a vital aspect for a successful school, not only with current students, but with parents, prospective students, community members, and other relevant stakeholders as well. To show that you’re doing your job as an educational institution, you need to find a suitable method of communication with your stakeholders.

And what better way to foster communication than through email marketing? These days, email marketing is among the highest performing marketing strategies for educational institutions. Not only does it act as a cost-effective channel of communication, it also serves as a useful promotion tool and helps you increase enrollment, student engagement, and stakeholder satisfaction. If you’re wondering how to get to these goals, don’t worry. Here are some super-effective ways to promote your school through email.

1. Keep Alumni In The Loop

Your alumni might have already left the school, but they’re still an important part of your overall school network, and it’s vital to make sure that you keep them in the loop of all the major events taking place at your institution.

Cater a separate category of emails for alumni to inform them of current events they can attend, donation opportunities they can participate in, and major updates regarding the institution that they might be interested in. For instance, if the school is opening up a new donation-based program to fund education for underprivileged students, it would be useful to let your alumni network know as they might be more willing to donate.

This will not only help ensure that your alumni are always made aware of all relevant information in your school, but seeing their old alma mater in such pristine condition even after years will also compel them to enroll their own children in the future.

2. Send Out An Informational Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to round up all of your most recent and most successful updates and share them with your stakeholders. There are a lot of schools and colleges that already make use of physical newsletters, magazines, and newspapers for this purpose.

Making the switch from physical newsletters to email newsletters will not only save your school a lot in terms of printing costs, but will also ensure that you’re able to share your most successful updates with ease without having to worry about the physical distribution process. With email marketing, your newsletter can land right into your audience’s inbox and can be accessed without any extra hassle on your part.

3. Promote Your Institution Through Vibrant Graphics

Email marketing isn’t only a great way to keep in contact with your current stakeholders, but also serves as a fantastic outreach tool to gain prospective students and increase enrollment. All you need is a curated email list of prospective students and parents, a well planned out open day event, and a fabulous email that compels your email recipients to check it out.

Create a fabulous email to advertise your upcoming open day or enrollment period and send it out to your target audience. To conjure up the perfect email, you can try out online email marketing tools like PosterMyWall for their range of email templates, and find one that you can customize according to your needs.

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For the ideal email, make sure the visual content you add is vibrant, eye-catching, and in line with your school branding. Add the right brand colors, logo, and of course, all the necessary information you need to communicate to your email recipients. To make it more effective, throw in a CTA (call-to-action) button at a visible place so that they can go ahead and check your school website out directly to learn more.

4. Send Out Feedback Emails

Email campaigns don’t just have to be about you communicating with your audience. They can also help your audience communicate their concerns directly with you.

Valuable feedback from students, parents, and other community members is crucial to an effective school administration, and there’s no better way to get feedback than through an easily accessible online form sent out through email.

Add a feedback form link to your next email and send it out to find out what concerns or issues your stakeholders have. This will not only help you compile feedback more easily, but will also help your stakeholders see that you care about their opinions and that you’re actively working to improve.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing has always been an effective promotion technique, and there’s so much more that you can do with it when promoting your educational institution. For all of the ideas above, you can use email marketing tools like the PosterMyWall Email Marketing Platform, which allows you to choose from a range of templates, create beautiful emails, manage mailing lists, and send out measurable emails all from one place.

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