How to Find the Best Home Tuition Agency in Singapore

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We all know that when a student is facing insurmountable difficulties with any subject, this could lead to failing grades. This can affect the student’s chances at university or a good career in the future. Thus, parents in Singapore turn to home tutoring for their children. But, what do parents need to know when it comes to finding a top-quality home tuition agency?

Parents Can Listen To Word-Of-Mouth

In Singapore, this is sometimes called the “bamboo telegraph.” Many parents can ask around among relatives, close friends, and work/business colleagues when searching for a quality home tutoring agency. Eventually, they will encounter those who have gone through the same experience and can provide better and quality recommendations. Word-of-mouth recommendations often lead to a specific home tuition agency, so it’s a good way to start your search for a tutor. However, do take into consideration that the ideal home tutor for your child needs a certain level of chemistry, so parents also need to do their online search assignment.

Online Search

Anything parents hear from word of mouth can be verified with an online search. A simple online search and visiting several websites can be done to gather tons of information while doing comparisons with tuition price rates. From these, parents can then narrow down their choices and start making calls or visiting offices. Parents understand that it is difficult to gauge a tutor’s ability and child chemistry just from a website. Thus, parents are encouraged to further research the home tuition agency’s past track records and current student base. They can also request a couple of sessions to test how the FamilyTutor home tuition fits with the child.

Check Out The Agency’s Past Track Records, Student Base, And Reviews

Parents are normally advised to find a home tutor who is currently teaching students of the same level or who has had past experience with it. A home tutor teaching at the same level as your children means the tutor is up-to-date with the current syllabus and has more than enough relevant materials and resources for different sessions. This way, the tutor will be able to share good test/exam tips, is familiar with current exam question types in schools, and can provide commonly-tested exam question samples. Parents can also look for tutors who have taught students from the same school as their child. This means the learning, homework, and exams will be similar and familiar to the child.

Look At Home Tuition Agencies That Aren’t Afraid To Advertise And Use Social Media

An agency that isn’t afraid to advertise or show off its reviews and achievements on social media means that agency is providing high-quality home tutoring to its students. The agency is showing parents that they’re doing the right thing for their children. They aren’t afraid to create advertisements online or with mainstream media because they can reach out to parents and students who need the quality of their tutoring. Not only students but parents also spend a lot of time on social media so this attracts parents in need of home tuition for their children. The agency also knows that what they post on social media also gets shared by word of mouth.

Check The Home Tutor’s Qualifications

When several tutors are recommended for your child, check out their professional qualifications, and if they scored remarkably well in their National Exams for the subjects that they teach. For tutors with a degree or diploma, make sure the field is relevant to the subject being taught. And make sure all tutors are NIE certified and qualified.


If you’re a parent and happen to read this article and are in the middle of searching for a quality home tuition agency, then come to the website of FamilyTutor and discover the top quality home tutoring we have been providing to thousands of Singapore students, at present and in the past. We always do our best to find the best tutor fit and chemistry for every student. We have an extensive pool of professional and experienced home (and even online) tutors who are all ready to provide the best learning experience for any child, any student. We believe that the best tutor for your child isn’t finding the “perfect” tutor; it is finding the right fit for your child.

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