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Is managing your lawn becoming a problem due to excess growth of fungus, damage to trees and grass or even small water pools all over in the lawn, and evaporation is the only option available on the table of drying up that excess water?

Well, then you’re suffering from a water drainage problem in your lawn.

Problems With Your Old Drainage System

You’re probably thinking what went wrong with your old drainage system.

Normal drainage system is not very efficient when it comes to a long-term period of use. The main reason is that it is unable to distribute water evenly in the lawn, leading to small water storage bodies, also known as water pools, in your lawn.

This situation can invite bugs, promote fungal and bacterial growth, cause low levels of oxygen in the soil due to excess levels of water in that soil. All of this ultimately damages the plants.

Solution To Your Problems

This is we French drains Downriver Michigan step in.

Introducing the French Drain System, that is not only the solution to your drainage problems, but also a lifelong comfort for you and your lawn.

The reason for French drains being effective is that they collect water over the entire length of the drain, unlike normal drains that are meant for one dedicated area only.

Benefits Of Using French Drains

  • If the water drainage problem is left unchecked, it may one day damage the foundations of your house building. In order to prevent this, French drains help redirect the water away from the building’ foundations.
  • These drains are more durable due to their subsurface structure. And the more durable a drain is, the more reliably it will perform.
  • You have the option to customize the appearance of these drains. The color, shapes and sizes of the gravel used in the structure of these drains, can be customized according to your liking, thus adding colors and blending beautifully with the surrounding space.
  • They are one of the easiest and quickest drains to be installed, without disturbing any exterior structures.

Our Services

We always prioritize our customers’ needs, and make sure that they enjoy all the benefits of a good drainage system without having to face any of the drawbacks, as a good and reliable company should always do. We have experts, offering professional, yet extremely friendly behavior, that take care of every minute details to give you a perfect result. So, contact us today while the problem is still at hand. We strongly believe in full customer satisfaction.

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