What is Safeguarding Training and Why do Teachers Need it?

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How can training in safeguarding help you in your role? | CB Associate  Training

Interested in a career in teaching? If so, safeguarding training is the number one thing that you will learn. Find out why, below.

Safeguarding isn’t a word that crops up too often in everyday life. When we do hear it, we immediately imagine that something has gone wrong, but that’s not necessarily the case. Safeguarding training ought to be a positive experience for new teachers. Yes, you learn the ins and outs of child abuse and neglect, but this knowledge is what helps you prevent it from happening to your charges in future. If you can effectively safeguard your class, you will make a better teacher all around.

Let’s discuss what safeguarding is, why you should train in it, and how it helps benefit both the vulnerable people that you teach, and yourself.

What is Safeguarding and Why do We Need it?

Let’s start from the bottom with the basics. What is safeguarding anyway? Why do we even need it? When we send our youngsters to school, we imagine we are sending them to a safe space. Sometimes this isn’t the case. It may be that you send your child to school and their peers bully them. It may be that you are not taking proper care of your child and sending them to school highlights the differences between them and other classmates. It is for these reasons that schooling in the UK is mandatory. It creates a standard line where all children are equal, and where teachers are in a position to see abuse or neglect.

Safeguarding training is a type of training given to teachers to help them spot the signs of troubled vulnerable people – that means adults or children. When a child is in danger, they don’t always know they are in danger. It is our job to anticipate it for them and do something about it. Training in this area is one of the first things a new teacher learns, but refresher courses ought to occur at least once a year to embrace new techniques.

We give safeguarding training to teachers to help them keep our vulnerable adults and children safe from harm. Now that we understand it, let’s move on to how you can get it and what the benefits are.

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Where to get Safeguarding Training?

You can get safeguarding training either online or in person, from a trained consultant. We recommend Hays because their Safeguarding Training includes 23 wellbeing courses & 7 safeguarding courses. That’s a lot of information for those that want to protect the staff from the potential issues that arise from the safeguarding that they do. If you are unhappy with this course, you can search online for other safeguarding training types and programs.

The Benefits of Safeguarding Training

There are multiple benefits to operating with employees who are up to date in safeguarding policies. These include:

  • Improved reputation in your facility
  • Safer children
  • Happier vulnerable people
  • Safe school experience
  • Improved home life
  • Improved mental wellbeing

And so on.

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