4 ways real-time transcription services will benefit your online class

4 ways real-time transcription services will benefit your online class

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When it comes to distance learning and virtual classrooms, real-time transcription is the gift that keeps on giving.

Today, it’s estimated that the eLearning market is worth over $37 billion, but, even though millions of Americans now access it, only 26% believe they learn better online than in a classroom. So, what can you do to ensure that your online class is a valuable experience?

Whether you’re teaching a one-off class, six-week course, or four-year degree, having a live written feed of your lesson’s transcript can be a resource both you and your students will benefit from immeasurably.

Increases levels of focus

Studies show that distance-learning students are far more likely to become distracted than those in a classroom, so how do you maintain attention levels when face-to-face lessons are not possible? One way is to limit note taking which can cause increased distraction in digital environments such as a video call. With a real-time transcription service, both students and teachers can focus solely on the lesson itself, content in the knowledge that there will be a written record available at the end. Not only that, but for those students whose levels of comprehension improve through reading, having a written transcript available can be a massive help.

Aids student/teacher engagement

With the vast majority of eLearning consisting of students reading and digesting information for themselves, building a good connection with your students can be difficult. It is therefore vital that teachers get as much as they can out of the little direct engagement they do have. With real-time transcription, all participants are recorded, so whilst both students and teachers are fully focused on the lesson at hand a written record is being kept of the whole discussion. Tutors can therefore spend that time engaging directly with students, knowing they’ll still have an accurate account available afterwards.

Improves flexibility of teaching

With 63% of distance learners also holding a full or part-time job, attendance can be an issue for, but thanks to real-time transcription this no longer means your students will miss out. Providing both an in-class feed and post-class transcript, this service means that any students who can’t attend the webinar are still able to catch up. The flexibility of online learning has always been its biggest selling point and a real-time transcription can only serve to enhance that. A professional transcription service such as Transcript Divas provides a live feed of your meeting as it is taking place.

Creates a possible source of future revenue

With the global market value of eLearning expected to reach $325 billion by 2025, do not underestimate the monetary worth of your online classes. Whilst a real-time transcription of your lessons can act as a record for you and your students in the present, it can also be repackaged at a later date for future students. Whether as an example of eLearning to help entice prospective students or as part of an archive of lessons to be made available in the future, having a written record of a one-time lesson could create multiple revenue possibilities.

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