Five Forces And Pestel Diagrams At Hislides

Five Forces And Pestel Diagrams At Hislides

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It is challenging to create even just a simple presentation. You both need to exercise your creativity and efficiency. You also need to take time searching for the best graphical presentation you need before placing all topics and details on your presentation.

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Today, people have lesser hassles in doing such presentations for they can use their laptops or personal computer to make organized presentations. They may use PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

However, navigating these three is also another issue. You still need to be extra creative just to come up with a minimalist but detailed presentation. You truly need some help.

Presentation Helper

A company named HiSlide can help individuals to make an attractive and efficient presentation through PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote. They are offering different templates for all these three platforms. They have 185, 843 Powerpoint, 11, 331 Google Slides presentation slides, and 57, 781 total of Keynote slides templates.

Hislides can also give you options of possible graphic organizers you may need. They can give you templates for business, marketing, education, or startups. They are willing to provide you any model that is suitable for the presentation you are about to do.

Some of the best presentations that are usually used by their clients are Porter’s five forces diagram and the PESTEL analysis chart. These two are very helpful to showcase different information through your presentation.

Porter’s Five Forces Diagram

Porter’s five forces diagram is a model that has five major parts. It has the center and middle part that can accommodate the primary topic of the presentation. Then, there are four branches around this centerpiece. Those four sides can be used for the factors and kinds. They are also some spaces around that can be used for additional details and information.

There are also other styles of Porter’s Five Forces Diagram. Hislide is offering varieties of designs that are all applicable for presenting opportunities and threats for a special topic. This model can also help businessmen, employees, and marketers to easily figure out the problems and come up with possible solutions.

PESTEL Analysis Diagram

HiSlide is also sharing various styles and designs of templates for PESTEL analysis. They are also considering PEST and PESTLE models that can be used for other situations.

Businessmen and other employees, especially the head of the enterprise or managers, can use the PESTEL analysis diagram to give details about a certain situation that needs urgent decision making. They may use this diagram to showcase the possible factors that can interfere and support their problems. It is mostly about political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal.

You may check these two diagrams through subscribing at and you may get free downloadable templates there.

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