Can you take a hiking backpack on a plane?

Can you take a hiking backpack on a plane?

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People who are frequent travellers often have their luggage lost, broken, misplaced or soiled because they leave them at the mercy of the airline management. Due to this, the professional hikers often wonder that are hiking backpacks allowed as carry-on luggage? It is because, they do not want their precious hiking gear getting broken or the backpack getting lost altogether due to the mismanagement of the airline staff. So, by keeping hiking gear close to yourself prevents any mishaps on your trip.

Using a carry-on hiking backpack is a safe and an efficient choice. Therefore, if you as a hiker ask that can you take a hiking backpack on a plane, the answer is always a big yes. It is because if you have a carry-on backpack then you will be exempted at the security checkpoint to get your luggage scrutinized. It is also highly convenient to place your backpack in the overhead bin and get hold of it as you reach your destination.

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What is the permissible carry-on backpack size in most of the airlines?

However, there are few factors that need to be considered while choosing a carry-on backpack. Size is one of the most important factors as not only it defines the duration of your trip but can also turn your carry-on hiking backpack into a luggage backpack which you need to handover to the airline staff and collect it at the airport.

You should remember that the requirements and guidelines of each airline regarding the size of the carry-on backpack are different. However, on the whole, the guidelines of most of the airlines converge on certain allowable backpack size. They claim that the backpack size should be around 45 linear inches that means that the dimensions of length, width and height should be 22 inches, 14 inches and 9 inches respectively.

So, if you are allowed to take such size hiking backpack as a carry-on that means that you can spend no more than 4 to 5 days on your hiking trip. It is because, these dimensions means that the capacity of the hiking backpack will be around 45 litres which is sufficient to carry hiking gear for 4 to 5 days.

So, in order to avoid problems and hassle at airport, make sure that the carry-on hiking backpack should not surpass these dimensions or capacity. Or it is also recommended that the hikers should read and check the required carry-on hiking backpack size on the airline website or brochures before buying one for themselves. Some budget airlines have stricter rules and regulations regarding the size that may be less than the above ideal dimensions.

Carry-on hiking backpack and body size

Each human body has a different structure in terms of body size and height; so to easily carry their backpack on the trip, they should ensure that it perfectly fits their torso. A backpack that is a right and ideal fit gives the hiker great amount of comfort during the trip as well as on the plane. So, if you buy such hiking backpack that makes use of height- alteration suspension that can fit with any torso size, then you are at an utmost comfort on your trip.

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Can you check hiking backpack on planes?

Using your backpack as a carry-on will help you avoid the hassle at the security checkpoint as there are minimum chances for your luggage to get scrutinized. Make sure that all the straps and belts of hiking backpack are tied securely around your waist and hips. No strap is left hanging, otherwise the hiking backpack can get caught inside conveyor belts that would either damage the luggage inside or you might end up ripping your backpack as you struggle to get it off the hook.

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