Bulk SMS in Nigeria – How To Send Bulk SMS @ 0.65kobo/Unit

Bulk SMS in Nigeria – How To Send Bulk SMS @ 0.65kobo/Unit

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The advent of the World Wide Web has certainly made it feasible for anyone to execute numerous services on Web-enabled gadgets. One of these services is Bulk SMS in Nigeria.

Bulk SMS service basically entails sending personalized messages to a large number of users. This service allows you to send your message across at a cheaper rate.

In Nigeria, there are numerous portals offering Bulk SMS services. Most of them come with similar features such as an ability to use customized sender names, delivery report for every SMS sent, and scheduled messaging to allow you to get your message delivered to the recipient on a particular time among several others.

The major difference among most of these bulk SMS services operating in Nigeria is that of pricing. These services also offer you with an ability to come up with your own reseller portal so that you can sell SMS units at your own set price. To fund your account, you can use your VISA, Master or Verve card. You can also make payments via an ATM terminal or by paying to a bank account number of sharing the transaction details to phone number mentioned on the sites.

With the best bulk SMS portal, you are assured to have a definite immediate delivery of bulk SMS in Nigeria to all GSM networks with a personalized sender ID at the rate of 0.65kobo/unit only.

The price of 65 kobos per unit is quite reasonable if you buy more than 99,999,999 units and charged with maximum 97 kobos per unit in case you are buying 500 to 999 units only. You can also enjoy being a premium member by paying the service a one-time subscription fee, which is 2,500 Kobos only. Being a premium member provides you with an opportunity to buy Bulk SMS at a flat rate of 85 kobos for 500 units and more.

When it comes to sending out your message to a large audience in Nigeria, you can opt for the bulk SMS Nigeria plans. Whether you are sending marketing, political, religious or any other type of messages, you can enjoy several different options, but choosing bulk SMS Nigeria offers some vital benefits that make it a viable option for the senders. Make sure you opt for a service that has bulk SMS packages designed to provide the best fit as per the sender’s requirements.

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