Nigeria News Updates – Read Breaking News in Nigeria

Nigeria News Updates – Read Breaking News in Nigeria

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Is Nigeria Safe To Travel? The Country Is Facing Some Serious Security Challenges!

Nigeria is presently facing some of the grievous home security challenges, the most severe ones being the Boko Haram rebellion that took place in the north eastern states of Adamawa, Yobe, and Borno; and the Niger Delta militancy along with the piracy in the south-south geopolitical zone, comprising of the Delta Bayelsa, and Rivers states. Moreover, brutal crime rate also poses some serious security risks to the natives, which leads to resource-based, ethno-religious conflicts, electoral violence along with cross-border criminal activities. This kind of a security situation, in one way or the other, pose some serious threats to not only the economic, social and the political stability of Nigeria alone but extends to the West African sub-region as well, where more than half of the residents are from Nigeria. This scenario can as well be improved upon.

Nigeria Is Under Attack!

In the present times, the most serious threats Nigeria is facing are those in the category of nationalist agenda, Boko Haram’s brutal radicalism and the atrocious militancy happening in the Niger Delta. Though the former one uses religion as its crucial weapon, employing different tactics like organized attacks on the military installations and other law enforcement, suicide bombings, kidnappings, terrorizing natives, etc; the latter is resource-based, and used the oil resource that has been found in its realm as its vital platform, knowing the fact that around 90 percent of the country’s revenue is generated from this natural resource. Stay up-to-date on the latest Nigeria News

Nigeria’s national security is under big threat due to the brutal radicalism that has been unleashed by Boko Haram, which basically has its prime base in the north-east. Though the Niger Delta militants were the first to use IEDs for their military operations, the concept of suicide bombings was later introduced by Boko Haram activists in Nigeria.

The Political Atmosphere Isn’t Much Favorable Either

Nigeria’s political atmosphere is more like a ‘do or die’ situation, with most of the politicians becoming extremely rebellious in their approach. The political rivalry has reached to a point where those seeking political offices aim by all means to manipulate the country’s economic resources that are actually meant for the natives towards their own political interests, particularly the governorship nominees who form political goons forces, arm them with lethal weapons, provide them with banned drugs to secure their own interests even it calls for brutality and violence. It is a very well-known fact that the formation of Boko Haram sect and militant groups in the Niger Delta area were at one time or the other, part of political brutes or army that were mainly formed by politicians and gubernatorial nominees alike in the Borno State and Niger Delta area, respectively.

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