What Are The Different Kinds Of Siding?

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One of the most substantial and costly external property purchases you will make is house siding and roofing, say experts at Siding contracts Downriver Michigan. Additionally, it might be challenging to estimate underlying material prices because siding can be challenging to price out on the retail market. However, a few siding kinds stand out as ideal for your house.

Exterior Panels:

Because plywood is available in big sheets, siding can be installed quickly. Plywood is a popular low-cost siding option because it is quite affordable. The plywood you might use for sheds is not the external grade plywood used for siding. Exterior plywood siding intended for use in homes has a rough-sawn, textured appearance, and its edges are ship-lapped to provide a snug fit.


If the simple appearance of plywood siding turns you off, one solution is to pair it with a more enticing, high-end material for the house facade. For instance, the house might have three sides constructed of plywood and a front made of artificial stone or cedar shingles.

The Fiber & Cement Siding:

Fiber-cement siding is among your greatest options for house siding in a number of ways. Siding made of fiber-cement is sturdy and fireproof. It closely resembles real wood siding and commands greater resale prices than other siding varieties.


When compared to other forms of siding, fiber-cement siding is seen as the more expensive option and has a higher tendency to increase a home’s market value than vinyl and plywood. Fiber cement siding is fire-resistant. For instance, HardiePlank has a one-hour fire rating, unlike vinyl or real wood. Fiber-cement siding closely resembles actual shiplap wood siding because it is thick.

Vinyl Siding:

Vinyl siding is simple and affordable to install. However, vinyl siding does have a bad reputation as a subpar building material, and some of these concerns are valid, like its fragility and inadequate thermal insulation.

But vinyl siding remains unmatched as one of the least expensive house siding solutions available. Vinyl siding consistently stands out as the most expensive form of siding you can purchase.


Cedar shake Siding:

Cedar shake siding, which is undoubtedly one of the most attractive types of siding materials available, has a well-earned reputation as a majestic, traditional material for homes of distinction. Homes with well-maintained cedar siding can resell for a high price. Natural oils in cedar help it resist deterioration. Cedar shake siding can be mixed with different siding kinds for a distinctive appearance. You may let your cedar siding naturally age to a lovely silver-gray hue.


Professionals often place the cost of labor increases since the siding; doing it yourself is typically not an option.

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