How to Learn Korean Easily: 7 Tips and Tricks

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Study Korean in Korea - FAQ about Korean Language Classes [Article]

“Is Korean easy to learn?” is among the first questions that new Korean learners ask. However, there are a variety of reasons why you would want to learn how to study Korean as quickly as possible. Although it isn’t the easiest language to understand, there’s no denying that knowing Korean will open doors for you these days.

South Korea is a global economic engine that is gradually opening up to the outside world and attracting more foreign business and tourism each year. With such, every individual who wants to go to Korea would like to know the effective strategies on how to learn Korean easily.

You need to begin with the basics and work your way up from there. So, read on as we’ll teach you the best tips to learn the Korean language.

1.  Learn Hangul

Learning the alphabet, just like any foreign language, is a perfect way to get started on the path to fluency. Hangul is Korea’s official writing system and the best way to learn Korean words quickly.

Although daunting at first due to the unfamiliar Hangul characters, the Korean alphabet is not difficult to understand. It consists of 24 letters, with 14 consonants and ten vowels. When it comes to the common target to learn the Korean alphabet in a few days, this goes a long way.

2.  Building up your Korean Language Vocabulary

After you’ve mastered Hangul, you can begin expanding your vocabulary on Korean words. However, when you’re just reading, it can be difficult to remember all of the words you encounter over time.

As a result, we need a more oriented way of learning and remembering vocabulary and reading. Perhaps, the simple act of writing Korean words and phrases down will help you practice Hangul and memorize the expression – the same goes with using flashcards to learn Korean.

3.  Listening and Watching Method

K-dramas and K-pop’s success attracts many people to learn Korean, which means that several people already have a deep passion for learning this language. K–dramas are extremely beneficial because they introduce students to real-life language use.

To begin, you can keep records of what you hear while watching Korean dramas. Additionally, depending on the format in which you are watching the movie, you will have the option of using subtitles. Subtitles could be the best way to learn Korean when watching K-dramas and listening to K-pop songs as they guide you to how they speak Korean fluently.

4.  Find a Language Partner.

When it comes to language learning, it’s ideal if you have a Korean-speaking buddy. It will be an excellent opportunity for additional practice, but the best part would encourage you to meet and speak with people you are not familiar with otherwise.

For this, ask your native Korean friends to give you ideas whether it can simply be a matter of composing 5 or 10 sentences using new sentence rules or lessons. In this way, you’ll be on your next level on understanding the Korean language and know how to communicate them in simple sentences.

5.  Konglish Strategy

Most “Konglish” (Korean+English language) words make up a large portion of normal conversation and Korean pronunciation as they help you learn the language. Loan words are expressions that borrow the English word’s sound and context.

Here are a few examples:

  • Tek-shi = taxi
  • Cho-kol-lit = chocolate
  • ka-meh-ra) = camera
  • In-tuh-net = internet
  • Ka-peh = cafe

6.  Consider a Korean Course.

Beginner lessons to learn Korean online with an experienced teacher will give you lots of the extra boost and resources you need to accelerate your learning truly. You’ll have someone to direct you through difficult topics like Korean grammar codes and keep you accountable for achieving your objectives.

A way to learn Korean online is more dynamic than independent study with direct input from a teacher and contact with other students. Take Korean lessons, yet another great way to hone your conversational skills while also learning about important grammar and pronunciation topics.

7.  Be Consistent with your Learning style.

To advance in learning a language, you must put forth an extra effort, and as a result, you must work diligently and efficiently to achieve your objectives. At some point, memorizing new words can become much simpler if you use specific study strategies that fit best for your style.

Here are the three learning styles:

  • Auditory (By listening/hearing)
  • Visual (By seeing)
  • Kinesthetic (By actions)

Start Immersing Yourself in Korean.

Since you’ve read this far, you’re clearly committed to practicing Korean. If you want to learn Korean this way, spend 10 minutes a day practicing speaking and familiarizing a Korean word; thus, immersing in Korean culture is also the perfect way of learning the Korean language quickly.

Moreover, it requires time and commitment to master the native language, so congratulate yourself whenever you accomplish a goal and remember why you started learning Korean in the first place. You’re ready to learn Korean fast now that you’ve learned the best tips for doing so.

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