5 Clichés About Vaporizers You Should Avoid

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With the number of vapers expected to rise to around 55 million by 2021, it’s evident that vaping’s become a global trend. So much so that there are even famous vaping competitions that you can join if you’ve mastered a few cool vaping tricks.

Vaping is affordable, fun, and convenient. You can quickly get your hands on the best price vape subscription box, enjoy the most exquisite e-liquid flavors, and play around and customize your vaporizer as much as you’d like. But there’s kind of a downside.

Seeing how prevalent the habit’s become, it doesn’t surprise that there are many vaping stereotypes and clichés that started circling over the past few years. And if you don’t want to appear like a typical vaping hipster, there are a few things you’ll want to avoid doing.

Be Discreet

One of the most appealing things about vaping is that you can do it almost anywhere. In the U.S., there aren’t as many restrictions on e-cigarettes as there are on other tobacco products, and only a few states and municipalities have bans on vaping in smoke-free public places.

It’s always in your best interest to check the local laws and restrictions in your area, but chances are – you’re probably allowed to use your vaporizer in indoor public places.

But just because you can use it doesn’t mean you should.

You don’t want to be that person that justifies vaping in a public area with a sentence starting with “technically.”

If you see “no smoking” signs in a restaurant or cinema, if kids are running around, and you notice their parents staring at you, put your vaporizer down. It doesn’t matter what the laws are in your area and whether you’re technically permitted to vape anywhere. Be discreet. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy the vaping experience more when you’re not bothering anyone.

Higher VG Can Be Annoying

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you’re likely familiar with the different types of e-liquids you can use. Of course, there are unique brands and thousands of flavors, but the main difference is in the ingredients.

Every vape juice needs only a few elements: nicotine, flavoring, and the base liquid that carries the first two. That base liquid can be composed of PG, VG, or a combination of the two.

PG serves to carry the flavor and deliver a strong throat hit. VG helps to produce high-density clouds that enable you to perfect your vaping tricks.

While it’s incredibly entertaining to use high VG e-juices and practice your tricks, sorry to say, but it’s annoying when you’re doing it in public or when you’re surrounded by other people indoors.

No one enjoys sitting in a vapor-filled room that’ll have them feeling like their glasses have smudges they can’t clean. And although the scent of your e-liquid can be delightful, it can become overwhelming for you and others.

Your Mods Are Great, But Not Everyone Wants to Hear About Them

Box mods are powerful devices that’ll make your vaping sessions incredible. But the most exciting part about them is that they can be easily customized. You can change their case for a completely new appearance, you can add some accessories to them, and you can even build your mod!

It’s a great hobby if you know what you’re doing.

However, while you might be immersed in the world of vaping and all the accompanying accessories and gadgets, not everyone shares your enthusiasm.

Sure, you can share your excitement with your friends, talk about your amazing mods, and share some vaping photos to your Instagram, but don’t make vaping the only thing you ever talk about.

It’s Not All About Glitz and Glam (vaporizer size)

Since there’s such a wide variety of vaporizers, you can choose any shape or size you want. As long as you get a high-quality device, you can rest assured that it will perform wonderfully. You don’t have to always go for the biggest, flashiest vaporizer. It’s a cliché, and the glitz and glam are not a guarantee of quality.

Choose a vaporizer that suits you, your vaping style, and your preference. As previously mentioned, you can customize it as much as you want and have it reflect your fashion sense, so going for the biggest, baddest device is not necessary.

Bring Your Own Charger

Finally, you’ll want to avoid always borrowing other’s chargers. It’s simply annoying, and you don’t want to be that person.

As a vaper, you know that you’ll need to charge your device frequently and take good care of it. So, either bring your charger with you when you’re going somewhere or bring an extra vaporizer if your battery runs out.

The Bottom Line

There are many clichés about vapers and their vaporizers, and it’ll be impossible to avoid them all. So, just act normally and consider your surroundings when vaping.

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