How to Dry Sweaty Work Boots

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One of the most annoying feelings is to walk around in wet boots. A few people have to wear their boots for longer hours because of the work requirements, and if the shoes are wet, it might end up in bad odor, blisters or sore feet.

It is most significant for welders, construction workers and oil rig workers, their wives know it all as they face this issue almost every day. Any work which requires wearing work boots for a longer period, usually comes across with this problem of wet shoes.

Thus, it becomes substantial for you to know the right way of drying shoes which would not only help them dry quickly but also make them last much longer, so you would not have to buy a new pair soon. 

If you know how to dry sweaty boots it will help you have a dry pair of shoes the next day. Dry feet are healthy feet, so let us learn a few techniques on keeping them that way.

Easy and Effective ways to Dry Sweaty Work Boots

Work boots are made up of thick material because of which it takes a lot of time to dry naturally. It can take 24 to 48 hrs for those to dry but these techniques will help you expedite this process. Here are the amazing yet easy ways to make the work easy-

1.) Using a Fan

This solution might sound a little strange to you but it is an effective and quick method of drying your shoes. For this you need a stable standing fan, do not forget to place a towel under the fan as it absorbs the excess water from the boots and quickens the process. 

If you have insoles in the shoes, then take them off and keep them out. The boots should face the fan and toes should be turned upwards.

2.) Newspaper

Well, this is an old fashioned way of drying shoes but trust me it works really well. You just need to fill in your shoes with balled up wads of the newspaper as it helps in pulling the moisture from your boots. This process takes slightly more time but it dries the shoes without stressing them.

3.) Boot Dryer

It is an amazing solution for people who want to dry and clean their shoes quickly. The best thing about these shoe dryers is that they collate all the dirty water which drips from the shoes.

Once you come back from work, plug it in, put the boots on it and they would be completely dry the next morning. These dryers are best for clearing out the bacteria.

4.) Use shoe inserts

There are a plethora of shoe inserts available in the market which is made up of cedar filling and wicking fabric which aids in removing excess moisture and also eliminates the odour. 

The good thing about these shoe inserts is that they come with an antimicrobial coating which helps to avoid pathogens to grow.

5.) Sun

Put your shoes in the sun as it is a natural dryer given to mankind. Make sure that you place them in such a way that the inside is exposed to the light as much as possible. The UV lights from the sun kill the bacteria and dry your boots.

Well, this method is not effective in the rainy season. Depending on where you live, this option is not feasible everywhere.

6.) Rice

It might sound strange to you but yes it is a very effective way of drying your shoes quickly. You need to put 1-inch rice at the bottom of a plastic bin which is big enough that it could hold your shoes. After that put your shoes in it and seal it, within a couple of hours’ rice will soak all the excessive moisture.

7.) Towel

You can also use an old towel sheet for drying your shoes but ensure that it is completely dry before using it. It is a little lengthy process as first you should wash your shoes, remove the laces and take off all the dirt from the shoes before using the dry towel.  

Once all this is done then take the corners of the towel and place it inside and wrap the shoe. Put it under a fan and after a while take out the towel and repeat the process. 

The nice part of this process is that it does not harm your shoes in any manner plus it is great for light coloured boots.

8.) Desiccant packets

A lot of people use desiccant packets for shedding excess water from the shoes. This is also an effective way as in a couple of hours it would dry your shoes completely. 

These were some of the best ways to wilt your shoes in a short time plus it also helps in staying away from bacteria and pathogens which saves your feet from having any infections.

Importance of keeping your shoes dry

Keeping foot dry is crucial for combating food odour. People usually focus on drying socks and putting shoe powder for keeping the foot dry but neglect the fact that it is also paramount to keep the shoes clean and dry. 

Here are some of the points to keep in mind related to drying your shoes-

  1. You need to ensure that before you begin with the drying process, clean the shoes properly. In case there is a lot of mud in them then wash them with a mild detergent and dry them with an old towel.
  2. Also, do not forget to remove the laces before you initiate the drying process. 
  3. It is important to keep the shoes dry as there are a lot of infections that might occur such as toenail fungus, plantar hidradenitis, etc. 

You should keep in mind to inspect your foot regularly and see if there is redness or itchy areas in between the toes then do not ignore it and take the required steps immediately. 

Wrapping it up

Heavy work boots of good quality can be expensive but they provide great support and offer optimal protection. Good quality boots keep your foot dry but along with it ensure that you wear superior quality socks and take good care of your boots by drying them properly.

Do not forget to dry the inner part of the boot first as they take a longer time to dry. So, choose the best and easiest way of drying your shoes as it is not only important for the durability of your shoes but is also essential for your health too.

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