Necklaces For Three Types of Guys

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Men’s necklaces are among those accessories able to emphasize the elegance and taste of every guy. They add a touch of mystery and sophistication to the masculine look. If you are looking for a hassle-free way to improve your appearance, the solution is simple – put on a necklace.

If you could peep under the shirt of every man on your way, you would be surprised to see how many wear around-the-neck jewelry. Many centuries ago, men weren’t scared to flaunt massive, even flashy necklaces. Then the tables have turned and necklaces became a women’s thing. Since the 20th centuries, we seem to have parity – men started rocking neck jewelry on a par with ladies.

Today, a men’s necklace sends a lot of messages to people around him. Let’s see what your neckpiece tell about you.

A Talisman: Tough Guy’s Soft Spot

American actor Paul Newman became famous for his roles of tough, bold, yet fair guy. He had a small pendant attached to a gold chain. It could be a gift from his wife as a testimony of their love or an amulet given by his family to ensure protection from evil. Whatever it was, the actor cherished it.

Normally, men don’t flaunt gold or silver chains with pendants; they prefer to hide them under the clothes. So only when he buttons down his shirt, you can see his necklace. It means that he carries a reminder of someone he loves close to his heart.

An Amulet For Young Souls

Johnny Deep does not shed his buccaneer look since he became our favorite pirate Jack Sparrow. To make his pirate-ish look complete, a hat is essential. Along with that, you can easily spot his neck jewelry. He wears multiple charms attached to leather straps; those are feathers, crystal pearls, beast fangs, as well as silver amulets to protect from evil. If you want to copy that look, you can go with silver biker necklaces or silver pendants on a leather cord. They look manly without falling into the ridiculous category due to extreme massiveness.

Statement Necklaces For Guys Who Want to Shine

Rappers like Kanye West, Drake, Quavo… the list can go on and on, love to hang very long and heavy necklaces around their necks. It’s true to say that rappers can’t live without bling. With such pieces, they get to wear fashion that is not suitable for every day. A basic white crew-neck t-shirt, black aviator jacket, and dark wash jeans allow necklaces to shine brightly. It helps dudes stand out in the crowd and turn their style appeal up to eleven.

Whatever your necklace means to you – a statement of fashion, talisman, or reminder of your bellowed one, you should wear it proudly. Even if you don’t flash it across your chest for everyone to see, it will always remind you who you are and whom you want to be. For many guys, a necklace is a very personal thing.

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