Scope And Benefits Of Pursuing Green Belt Certification

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A Green Belt is the third stage of the Six Sigma Certification. A Green Belt certification enables a person to get involved in a company’s problem solving, advanced analytics, and process improvement team. Green Belts usually lead the quality improvement projects and assist the black belts with data collection and analytics.

To fully understand their role and competencies, let us first understand what a Six Sigma Certification program is:-

Six Sigma is a collection of various tools and techniques that a company adopts to improve and enhance its production operations, eliminate gaps, and ensure quality. Hence, the six sigma certification helps in raising a person’s ability to identify the existing and potential risks, identify the defects, and work on removing them.

A six sigma certification generally requires individuals to have a specific level of work experience and to testify their skills and proficiency.  The certification, therefore, helps one to become a specialist in process improvement and strengthen their credibility.

The six sigma certification comes in various stages:-

White Belt- This is the most basic level. White belts engage with the change management and local problem-solving teams.

Yellow Belt- In this stage, the individuals’ support the project team in various problem-solving tasks.

Green Belt- At this stage, individuals have good knowledge of advanced analysis and are capable of solving problems. They lead the project teams.

Black Belt- Black belts are trained and well-experienced. They lead projects and also participate in training.

Master Black Belt- This is the highest level of the six sigma certification. At this stage, one can implement strategies, design metrics and train green and black belts.

Brown Belt- Brown Belt is not generally used in Six Sigma and is not recognized by most organizations or accrediting bodies. However, some organizations may classify a Brown Belt as a person who holds a Green Belt certification and has passed the Black Belt certification exam but is yet to complete a second Six Sigma project.

Green Belt Certification

Green Belt employees are those who actively engage or lead a company’s process improvement project. They spend most of their time analyzing and resolving quality problems. The six sigma green belt certification requires individuals to have 3-year work experience in the early stages of six sigma.

Gaining a six sigma green belt certification can enhance one’s career in more ways than one. It improves the power of a resume and proves one’s ability to improve business acumen using analytical and problem-solving skills. The curriculum of the green belt certification is rigorous enough to let employers assume that the person is talented, skilled, and well capable of handling quality improvement projects.

Earning a green belt certification is highly beneficial for working professionals in this dynamic world.  Here are the scope and benefits of a green belt certification:

Become Valuable In Every Industry

The six sigma body of knowledge is applied in various industries including aerospace, telecommunications, IT, banking, and finance. Upon gaining a six sigma certification, an individual can apply the skills in better streamlining the business processes and increase revenue. With a green belt certification, one can position themselves as an agent to change. Moreover, spearheading the quality improvement team can enhance leadership and task-management skills which can make one even more valuable.

Reach Managerial Positions

The six sigma certification helps in understanding and quantifying the financial benefits that can result from problem-solving and resolving.  The green belt certification helps professionals in acquiring financial management and risk management skills. Such skills find their place in the work profile of top-level and senior managerial positions.

 Handsome Salary

Becoming a green belt certified is no small accomplishment. The studies, as well as the exam criteria, are a challenging one. Moreover, the experience earned by rising from one belt level to next also counts a lot.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that green belts are paid highly along with added benefits. According to a survey conducted by the famous job portal,, six sigma certified employees fall in the pay bracket of $100,000+ which makes them the highest-paid professionals around the globe.

  Skill Enhancement

The skills gained through the six sigma green belt certification enables one to become a crucial aspect of the organization. With skills such as data analytics, risk management, problem-solving and financial management, the individuals can not only enhance their position in the workplace but also improve their personal development.

Work For The Biggest Conglomerates

Working for the big C’s is still a dream for many. The applications of six sigma find applications in top companies like Amazon, Boeing, Ford Motor Company, Bank Of America, General Electric, Starwood Hotels and the likes. By earning a green belt, one can not only work for companies like these but also attain a good position with excellent pay.

Personal Growth & Development

With an increased skill set, better position, and a handsome salary, the green belt certification is bound to increase one’s confidence and personality. Also, it is proved that when an employee is appreciated and well-acknowledged in the workplace, it can have a profoundly positive impact on the success of the company and as well as one’s personal life.


With all these benefits and opportunities, the importance of green belt certification cannot be overstated. Today, there is an increased need for working professionals to equip themselves with skills and certifications to prepare themselves for the cut-throat competition. A person with these skills and a Six Sigma green belt certification is always an attractive job applicant.

Earning a six sigma green belt can be a big leap in one’s career which ensures best in industry remuneration and professional status. All these factors contribute to the fact that a six sigma green belt is one of the most advantageous certifications for a working professional in today’s fast-paced and evolving business world.

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