7 Factors that play a vital role in mobile app success

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Mobile applications connect organizations to their customers and potential audience. Through it, connecting with the audience 24*7 anytime anywhere is easily possible.

Considering the numerous benefits of having a mobile application for startups or businesses, there are over 5 million mobile applications available. Starting from iOS applications, Android apps to windows, all are being used for some or other purposes greatly.

And this is the reason, not just the big hat organizations but startups and mid-level organizations are investing in mobile app development projects. Understanding the cut-throat competition of mobile applications, a leading mobile app development company is paying attention to the robust development of mobile apps.

Starting from the right technology stack, programming language, choice of platforms, and others play an important for uplifting the performance and user base of a mobile application. Meanwhile, there are a few underestimated factors than fuels the overall success of the app silently.

Let’s explore those underestimated factors iOS, Android app developers, and others should pay attention to also!

7 Factors That Play A Vital Role In Mobile App Success

1. App Icon

Just like the UI of any application, the icon is also something that catches the attention of the users. The more eye-catchy it is, the more are the chances of users clicking on it to figure out what the app is about.

Also, icons are not just merely for attention but also meant for showcasing the ideology and idea behind the app. The more logical and unique the icon will be, the higher chances of users figuring it out. Many organizations, instead of also focusing on the app icon, often pay more attention to the core functionality of the application. Ignoring the importance of the app icon can make users check other competing app.

2. App Description

After the app icon, the very next thing that plays an important role in app success is the app description. The written description of the mobile app encourages users to open and install the app. A poorly written description marks a negative impact on the app.

Also, there are times, instead of writing the fresh content, companies use copied content from other top-performing similar apps. This results in confusion and ultimately lowers the download count. Therefore, it is important to write original, unique content explaining the core features and functionality of the app in the best possible manner.

A detailed description of the app will let users know what the app is all about and make them download the app if it serves a purpose.

3. App Feedback

The next big thing that plays an important role is user feedback. Reviews, ratings, and feedback should never be taken for granted. They are the things user pay attention to before installing the application.

Reviews are the best way to make improvisation in the mobile application. For building trust among the potential users, organizations and startups should never erase negative comments. Rather than removing the negative remarks, answering them in a polite way ensures that no queries or complaints remain unattended.

An MVP version of the mobile application is one of the best ways to gain insights into what features of the app are mostly liked or disliked by the users.

4. App Marketing

There are many practices for how to make an app viral to make users aware of the app. Many a time, the organization often pay more attention to the app’s core features and functionality and give a little less importance to app marketing.

Developing a mobile application is not enough, circulating about it, marketing it among users is highly required. Marketing also costs apart from the app development cost. For marketing purposes, companies can invest in paid banner ads, press releases, reviews, social media platforms, in-app advertisements, and many more.

Hence, the right mobile app development company can help businesses for how to promote a mobile app.

5. App Idea

Any app idea can become a brilliant idea if it is highly accepted by the users. An app idea should have the potential to transform the society for good. Among 5 million applications, not all are equally successful. Many are on the top list whereas many are of little or of no use as per audience.

Hence, before getting started with a mobile app idea, it is important to understand that a mobile app requires cost, effort, time and so much. Thus, examining the potential of the app before investing is important.

This can be done by analyzing a competitor’s app, user requirements, market trends, and other perspectives. As there are many similar applications, serving the same purposes in a better way, hence, it is important to crack how your app idea can be a breakthrough project in the market.

6. App Testing

Leave no stone unturned even after the completion of the mobile application.

Meanwhile, when it comes to testing, it is important to do thorough testing. Run a few tests in order to ensure that there is no bug, or glitch in the app for the smooth running of the app. Deploying an app with half-done testing can cause you many unsatisfied users and ultimately less number of downloads.

Here, a detailed mobile app testing guide can help to understand what to do at what time. Also, if you are adding new features, ensuring the existing ones are also performing well or not should be kept in mind while testing. Seeing the compatibility of the app with different platforms is also important.

7. App Security

Last but not least is app security- one of the most required and important factors that can either uplift the app or fall its rating.

When a user installs the app, he/she needs to give permission to various things before getting started with the app. And in the midst, security remains the concern of the app as they are using their details also.

In order to strengthen the trust of the users for the app, ensure you are using the best security tools and measures to safeguard the sensitive information of the users. Nothing can substitute the security portion. Always, prioritize the app security to save user data from vulnerable or external threats.

These are a very few things that play a vital role in the mobile app success and there are many more in the list lying. A mobile app is a need for every organization to connect with the users, hence, each and every factor related to the development process should be given equal importance.

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