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It is tough at times for elderly people to relate to technology. But when you talk about security, safety and precautionary measures for the elder citizens, technology today is more than capable of providing gadgets and equipment that fulfill the purpose. Crimes and incidents that include robbery, assault and other incidents often happen to senior citizens within or outside their homes. In this regard, a comprehensive home security appliance or system would be quite helpful for our seniors. Home security comprises an investment that is meant for the well-being and safety of your loved ones. The elders and you must make sure they’re getting the protection they need to stay safe and secure. Here are a few security products that can help older people in the family to stay protected.

Monitoring Your Premises Using Security Cameras

Burglars tend to avoid homes that are equipped with one or more security cameras. That’s why installing a security camera is one of the best ways to secure your interior and exterior of your home. But the usefulness of security and surveillance systems is more than that. Cameras that provide the elderly with real-time feedback of your surroundings and help them stay alert and stay calm without having to worry about leaving their home and look out for any suspicious movement. The best part is, these can be monitored from a remote location as well so that other members of the family can keep track of their homes no matter where you are. Cox home security is a better option when it comes to getting your house secured.

Automating Things and Tasks in Your Home

At times you cannot associate this as a means to secure your home. Smart home automation tech and gadgets offer the elderly quite a few ways to keep themselves safe. Equipment like programmable smart locks and doors enable your elderly family members not to worry about keeping a check on locks when they are going to bed or when they are leaving their homes. Many devices allow smart locks to be controlled from a remotely controlled device and keeping in view more security concerns smart lighting systems can be programmed to be triggered when the motion sensors get a movement or any suspicious activity going on in and out of your premises.

Remotely Controlling Home Security Appliance

It doesn’t matter whether the elderly person in your family travels quite frequently or has trouble getting around the house as they used to in their youth. Modern homes use remote access to all security equipment that allows users to keep a check on movement and other aspects of security either by using a smart device or a handheld device that can help them to monitor or respond to the whereabouts of their loved ones and their property. This also gets easy when sensors are capable enough to take care of mundane and important security and security tasks needed around the home even if you are not in the home. Check out for some home security devices on Amazon as well:


This is one of the most reputed security equipment companies that provide users with one of the most easy-to-use alarm systems and equipment. You can set up almost all SimpliSafe equipment except for the doorbell without any tools. You can add more to your safety and convenience by getting the most amazing equipment by SimpliSafe. The Anti-crime equipment by SimpliSafe includes basic security cameras and some high-tech equipment including glass break sensors, motion sensors that work best indoors. These equipment are ideal for people who want to get alerts on environmental threats like smoke, water, carbon monoxide, leaks and water pipes that get frozen at times. You can also get Alexa or Google Assistant Voice Commands and the SimpliSafe to arm your security system, control smart lights and go through your doors if they are locked or unlocked.


This is one of the new things that you can get for your home security.  The starter kits come with a decent price tag and include all-in-one home security solutions by Abode which is very easy to install. All you need to do is just plug it in and connect the device using a free mobile application. You don’t have to ask for paid monitoring. An abode security kit can include Gateway plus external sensors. You can find intrusion protection, home automation systems and environmental alerts and can go beyond things that are offered by other security systems. You can find the Abode Cam (an indoor security camera that is powered by standard AC outlet), Nest Cam Outdoor IQ (It comprises of security systems are compatible with Nest outdoor cameras and other Nest products), Smart Plugs (It can help you monitor and control connected appliance) and many other cool systems that can help elderly people live safely.

Key Takeaways

There is no doubt that seniors are the most vulnerable members of our families and need special care, safety so that no harm can come to them. If you have such an individual in your family having home security appliances equipped in their homes, this can be a wise idea and investment that you can do. Also, it is a good idea if you would teach them how to handle security appliances in their homes so that they cannot stay dependent on others to get things done for them.

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