How Agencies Are Leveraging On New Strategies In 2020

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How to Become Exceptional in Digital Marketing in 2020?

As the Digital Marketing landscape continues to evolve and get smarter, digital marketing agencies have begun to integrate new tactics to adjust and stay ahead in 2020. Few of the best strategies employed by these agencies have been described here.

Employing obsolete techniques and strategies will make you miss out on several opportunities and result in low customer engagement, high cost, and difficulty in generating useful data. Digital or online marketing has enabled digital marketing agencies to implement these new tactics to deliver exponential growth to businesses.

Businesses can easily choose from the various digital marketing tactics available to match their requirements. Available options range from SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay Per Click), Content Marketing, Facebook Ads Management to name a few.

Obsolete digital marketing strategies only offer lesser possibilities. However, digital agencies can now use these new tactics to find the most suitable strategy that will meet the requirement of every specific business. Digital marketing strategies do not only provide multiple possibilities, it also offers more benefits without draining your marketing budgets.

Therefore, let’s look at some of these strategies employed by major agencies to provide digital marketing services.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The first strategy considered by most digital marketing agencies to grow any business is SEO. Search engine optimization of any website does not provide only instant benefits but also in the future. Companies can use it to generate leads and revenue much longer than other tactics. it is also very cheap and much more effective than other digital marketing strategies.

An important tip to take into account when implementing search engine optimization for business growth is:

Learn more about the Basics and Become a leader in the field.

Discover more about SEO by finding out about the basics and important elements such as link building, website speed optimization, and mobile responsiveness of your website.

Perform extensive analysis of your website’s SEO to discover areas that require improvements in your SEO efforts. Align your products and content with the latest algorithm on Google through keyword research and other tactics for ranking. SEO tools like KWfinder, SEMRush, and Ahref can be used to discover keywords that are ranking in your industry and suitable for your website.

Once your required ranking has been achieved, quality efforts should be maintained to avoid low ranking in the future. Digital marketing strategies are never constant which is why agencies need to remain updated and implement the latest trends that are currently generating results.

Managing Facebook Ads.

Facebook Advertising is a popular platform used by several marketers and advertisers to generate new clients and connect with existing ones. More than half of advertisers recognize it as a significant platform suitable for different online marketing strategies without any restriction in time and place. Find out more about Facebook marketing services here.

Strategic plans and tools are required to scale your business in 2020 and the next best thing is Facebook stories. This innovation was first used in Snapchat but has been integrated into most high traffic social media platforms out there such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Stories have given brands the opportunity to engage users through short length videos.

Videos are currently trending in the digital landscape. By 2021, videos would have taken over everything and 82% of the content online are videos, according to Cisco.

Platforms that offer video creation and design solutions can be easily found online. Today, millions of videos are being uploaded and viewed on Facebook which has shown that videos are currently trending in the digital world and an opportunity that businesses can take advantage of.

Content Marketing

Content marketing deals with developing and sharing content that is relevant to your audience and portrays your business. This strategy focuses on engaging your audience and influence them to consider your product and brand as opposed to obsolete tactics that only focus on simply promoting a particular product.

When creating content to grow your business, it is important to have an effective plan in place. Develop new content ideas for your industry and use different communication channels to share your content to potential clients who will be interested in your offers.

Content marketing has also helped many businesses to create a relationship and establish trust with their customers. Offering your audience valuable content will make them appreciate your brand, portray you as an authority in your industry, make them trust you to handle all their pain points which will produce a better return on investment.


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