A step by step guide to build a website for your business

A step by step guide to build a website for your business

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A website is necessary for business owners, small companies, home-based companies, and any person selling products or services. Despite your other marketing techniques, making it possible for prospective consumers to either find you through a Google search or discover more regarding you after they have actually seen your various other marketing products is key to creating and also developing new customers.


Here are some steps for making a website for business. 

Hire a web designer with a great portfolio

Building a website for your business is a ton of work, so when it’s finished, you should love it! Because of this, take the time to vet web designers and look at their portfolios. Make sure that they have designs that are made from scratch, not templates, and that they create aesthetics that ultimately represent the business and brand. It’s also important to discuss your relationship with the website designer for after the launch. Will maintenance be included? Will there be a monthly fee? Websites are not a one and done operation, so it’s important to consider how you will maintain and update them in the future. Finding website design companies denver, New York or any other major city should be somewhere for you to start, as being able to meet with your design in person has huge advantages. 

Plan for the growth of your website: 

Just like all products and services, websites grow and change over time. When you launch your business website, you may be using it simply to display your work, but later decide that you also want to sell products as well. These factors are important to consider since even though you may launch without certain features, planning them ahead of time can set you up for less work once they are ultimately implemented. Make sure your company and developer have a plan for your website maintenance

Find examples

One of the best website tips we can give is to find examples of websites you like. Look for websites that are both within and outside of your field. This serves many purposes: It can help give you inspiration on what you could do with your site in terms of design and function. Then in turn, it can give your web designer a more concrete picture of your vision, making it easier to get your website design correct, with fewer revisions. Example websites are a huge key to getting your website right and can provide ideas that may not have come up otherwise. 

Stay away from templates

Website templates can be appealing because of their ‘plug and go’ nature. Even though it may be easier to simply paste your content into someone else’s formatting, you have to ask yourself, is this really how I want to represent my business? Would I ever take this approach when providing my service or creating a product? 

Beyond this, templates often have very clunky code and are difficult to customize, making them poor for SEO (search engine optimization), so updating them in the future can be a pain. 

Tell your story

You’ve worked hard to create a business from nothing, so make sure to show what makes you great! It’s worth spending time to tell customers about your story and why your product or service can help them. When people feel like a business they are purchasing from has a great vision, they are more likely to become long time customers, instead of one time buyers.  

Always have a contact form

There are very few instances where you’d want to have a business website that didn’t include a contact form. Having a contact form is an essential part of communication between you and visitors on your website. Even if you’re not actively selling anything on the site, having a contact form can help potential business interactions come to fruition. 

Use beautiful imagery: 

Whether you use stock photography or hiring a professional photographer, it’s highly valuable to spend time on fantastic imagery. If you’re planning on using stock photos, pick images that look organic and not overly staged. If you’re hiring a photographer, consider shooting several different scenes and looks. Try and have images of your workers, the space you work out of, and artistic shots of objects in your space. All of these can be used in different ways on your business website and will add a layer of depth to the design. 

Final takeaways:

You’ve spent an immense amount of time, energy, and money on your business, so when building your website, make sure to follow these steps to ensure it represents you well. Having a quality website can be a major factor in generating leads and ultimately sales. Whether you’re redesigning your website or building one from scratch, make sure you get the most out of your hard-earned money. 

SEO for the website:

When your site is completed then you need to perform an effective SEO to increase the presence and reputation. Denver SEO can help in this regard, whether it is a local or global target business.

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