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About is a free online file conversion platform, which converts a variety of media files into different formats. The platform supports a wide range of file formats. You can change any video URL and file to a variety of file formats without installing extra software. Convert your media files with, free of charge.

What is FLV File Format

FLV is a file format, which uses Adobe Air or Adobe Flash Player to transmit audio or video online. FLV is an abbreviation for “Flash Video,” and the file has an .FLV extension. The format is used with all embedded videos online such as on YouTube or Hulu. Some streaming services use HTML5 instead of Flash. FLV files are created through the Flash Video Exporter from Adobe Animate, which can also open this format. You can also use Flash Player, VLC, Winamp, MPX-HC, or AnvSoft Web FLV Player to open FLV files. Edit FLV files with the Free Video Editor from DVDVideoSoft or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Additional Information About Flv File Format

File extension .FLV
File category VIDEO
Additional information about FLV is a short form for Flash Video and it is a container file format used to deliver video over the internet by the aid of Adobe Flash Player version 6 and newer
Additional information
Useful links

File conversion Convert a file to FLV
Developer Adobe Systems Incorporated
Associated programs FFD show Video LAN VLC media player Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery Viewer Windows Media Player

What is an MP4 File Format

An MP4 file is an MPEG-4 video file, which comprises video, audio, and subtitles. You’ll usually see an MP4 file when you download videos or save a DVD. Sometimes, audio files are saved in an M4A format. The best way to open an MP4 file is to let your computer choose the correct default program to open it. MP4s usually open with Quicktime or Windows Media Player. You can also use the VLC player or MPlayer. On Windows, the X Codec Pack is a free collection of codecs that will open the MP4 file. Many mobile devices support MP4 files including devices running on iOS and Android systems. Edit MP4 files for free using Lightworks, Adobe Premiere Pro, or VSDC Free Video Editor.

Additional Information About MP4 File Format

File extension .MP4
File category VIDEO
Additional information about MP4 is the official file name for MPEG-4 part 14 and is a multimedia container format commonly used to store audio and video but can also store other data such as subtitles and still images
Additional information
Useful links
File conversion Convert a file to MP4
Developer Moving Picture Experts Group
Associated programs Apple Quick Time Player Microsoft Windows Media Player Video Lan VLC Media Player

How to Convert FLV to Mp4 Using Our Platform

To convert FLV to MP4, upload the FLV file from your computer to our platform using the browse function. Choose the destination format for the MP4 file. Our platform support most audio and video formats. Download the converted MP4 file and save it to your computer. Our FLV to MP4 converter provides top-quality destination files and minimizes quality losses.

What Is Security and Facility for Visitors

When users visit our platform, they’re not asked to provide private details such as names, email addresses, or mailing addresses. provides an improved and personalized customer experience and responds to customers’ needs. The platform doesn’t use Malware Scanning, SSL certificates, or vulnerability scanning. The platform only provides conversion services, information, and articles.

Why Convert FLV to MP4

The versatility, quality, and ease of MP4 files are strong advantages. It’s a popular file format. Although FLV files are limited to the platforms where they work best, they’re still widely used. The only downside of FLV files is their restricted use on mobile devices.

FLV vs MP4

MP4 files store audio and video coding in high-quality. FLV doesn’t focus on the file’s quality. MP4 loses less quality and offers higher compression rates. MP4 can store data such as object descriptors, video, audio, and scene descriptors. MP4 files are compatible with most applications, devices, and file drivers. FLV is preferred for online video streaming and its compatible with most online browsers. MP4 plays smoothly on most devices and platforms. FLV plays best for streaming online videos and for uploading to YouTube, for example. An FLV file can play inside a web page using the Flash Plug-in. FLV files are small and can be easily downloaded. To play FLV files you must use a Flash Player plug-in. MP4 files don’t require a plug-in for playback.

Final Word

You can easily convert FLV to MP4 using our platform at It’s a user-friendly and high-performance conversion platform, which converts your source FLV file to MP4 in no time. Use the online converter to get the most out of your media files.

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