How To Take On A Career Change

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Some people know from a young age exactly what they want to be, while others struggle for years to make that decision. Sometimes the career you start in doesn’t pan out the way you expect and you need to make a change. You should never feel trapped in a job you hate. If you find yourself in that position, it is not too late to pivot to a new career.

Look At The Job Market

Before you dive into a career change, you want to make sure there is a market for your new job. One way many people decide on new jobs is by picking up skills at their existing ones. Perhaps there are certain responsibilities that you enjoy in your current position and wish you could do more of. Or maybe there are duties that your job outsources that you believe you could easily do. If someone is doing them, there is no reason why that couldn’t be you.

Take An Honest Assessment Of Your Skills

Once you decide on a new path, take a look at what you know and what you need to learn. You want to have something that you love to do and that you enjoy going to every day, but that doesn’t mean you will love every aspect of it. There are tasks in any position that are challenging, dull, or frustrating. Just because these things exist, does not mean it is not for you. Whether it is digging deep into spreadsheets, understanding best practices for marketing, or making cold calls, challenging yourself to build your skills in weak areas will help push your career path forward.

Further Your Education

Not everything can be self-taught. If you have your eye on making a change and would benefit from earning a degree, don’t be afraid to make that investment. Whether you have an existing degree and are considering earning a new one, furthering your education with a higher degree, or you never earned a one and are thinking of returning to school, education is a valuable investment. Don’t worry that you are too old, not smart enough, or just wasting your time. Time passes regardless of what you are doing, and investing in education is a smart choice. You can work the finances out with the help of your school. Student loans generally have a favorable interest rate, and you can repay them while working in a satisfying career.

Look For A Mentor

Talking to someone who has a job you find interesting can be a great way to understand the ins and outs of what to expect. If you are currently dissatisfied, anything can seem better. Talking to someone working in the field gives you an objective idea of what to expect, what the day to day life is like, what the career path looks like, and other details you may not even consider when thinking of a change. Most people are happy to talk about themselves when given a little encouragement. Offer to treat them to a cup of coffee and ask about their job.

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