International Digital Student Passport – IDSP is the New Gateway for an Insightful Digital Transformation of Students all over the World

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Education is the sinew that powers the entire world and its operation. Today, the European Education sector is grossing among the highest in the world recording a total of 19.8 million tertiary education students in the 2018-19 academic year alone. Italy, with a current literacy rate of 98.8%, is among the key contributor nations to the European Educational Dimension. Public expenditure on education amounted to about 4% of the country’s GDP following a gross enrolment ratio of 63% in the tertiary education parameter alone.

However, the financial expenditure incurred in education can be quite daunting to a student, more so when consorted with a lack of proper support when the student comes from abroad. Italy accommodates over 160 thousand foreign students during one academic year. This is where IDSP comes into the play.

The Italian IDSP

International Digital Student Pass (IDSP) formulated by the Swiss Blockchain solution company, ATROMG8 is a blockchain-oriented model derived for Italian students and adults who are looking to continue their education so as not to lose touch with society. IDSP is an approach that creates an ecosystem for international as well as local students in response to their needs at different levels of education through providing financial assistance for student flats or fellow travel opportunities to save gasoline or relieving the environment and much more.

The Blockchain-based, IDSP application has been initiated with the vision to help in the first step the Italian and later all European students and faculties at all levels to accomplish their respective educational and professional goals with a supportive digital ecosystem. The platform is equipped with services including digital and Blockchain-based distribution of confirmation and certificates, provision of financial support and arrangements for accommodation for all its participants, irrespective of their gender, race, origin, religion or financial capacities.

The Three-Phased Execution Protocol

Data security and privacy should form the basis for creating a multi-layered ecosystem. ATROMG8’s MixNet 5.0. Superstructure comes with the prerequisite to make it all possible. IDSP’s blockchain-backed framework ensures secure and trustworthy handling of data, thus relaying a safe and secure environment for millions of Students and Adults in Italy for processing their daily needs in their digital transformation. The project is to get operational through three phases.

1. Agreement With Italian Research And Development Corporations:

ATROMG8 has signed an agreement with respect to IDSP early in January 2020, with several research companies in Italy. The agreement works towards the setting up and testing of the IDSP ecosystem. The trial is scheduled at the University, Institute of Polytechnic of Applied Arts and PoliArte of Ancona in Italy Functioning under the Poliarte University at Ancona in Italy.

Post the approval is obtained, teams would start enrolling in the partnered Italian as well as European universities to test and avail the benefits of this multifaceted project. The initial phase involves the provision of course confirmation up to certifications on the basis of blockchain. This helps the students to always stay in possession of their acquired skills and certificates. Many universities, schools, and other training institutions are struggling with issues of certificate falsification, causing a great deal of effort in their confirmation by the exhibitor. A lot of time can be saved here if this is provided in a trusted environment and the expenditure can be reduced by 90%.

 2. Ecosystem For The Accredited Universities And Students :

Once the teams are enrolled and active in the accredited universities, ATROMG8 would start dispersing specific university tokens for IDSP users to start utilizing them to resolve their issues and bond as an integral component of the application’s digital ecosystem.

Students, irrespective of age and origin, have the need to connect with like-minded people in order to exchange ideas, receive help, advice and benefit from each other. This creates the basis for the project’s working group dealing with social interactions.

Ecosystems, thus, developed for the universities, later interlinking them, offer everything ranging from reward mechanisms, workshops, and joint working days to opportunity to earn lunch in the canteen or take care for other cost they may have. This social component is developed jointly by students, school management and ATROMG8 project leaders and team.

3. Collaboration With Accubits Technologies Over Project Chainsat:

ATROMG8, in cooperation with Accubits Technologies, will begin the construction of a research submission channel through the CHAINSAT project, announced by Accubits Technologies on 31st January 2020. CHAINSAT is a communication platform intended for important and secure communication.

Developments in the fields of industrial espionage have caused damages worth billions of dollars in recent years. With CHAINSAT, projects seeing millions of investment funds can be protected against cyber-attacks and unauthorized use of research data.

The Minds Behind The Plan

The project has in loop a fraternity of experienced personnel including the Founder of ATROMG8 Milivoje Batista; Dr. William Nonnis of Full Stack & Blockchain Developers of the Ministry of Defense in Italy; the non-profit Chief ATROMG8 Scientific Technology Department; Prof. Marco Santarelli representing the Poli Arte University; Scientific Director of ReS at Network – Intelligence and Global Defence, London; Margherita Hack Foundation; Head of the Department of Human and Social Sciences; Director of IC2, Intelligence, Complexity, and Communication Lab; Head of the Research Committee and Professor in Security; and the Design Management in Poliarte Ancona as well as the International well-known Head of Accubutis Technologies Mr. Jithin VG and Shameer Thaha, CSO of the technology giant. And Andre Perreira, one of the most experienced social media and marketing figures in the LATAM Region and numerous others working relentlessly toward shaping the IDSP project effectively.

IDSP with its versatile utility is bound to play a key role in not just the promotion of Italy by collating its services to international standards, but also in promoting the creation and dissemination of knowledge with its significant global collaborations, thus enhancing the country’s research infrastructure and thereby it’s future.

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