Make The Best Of A Searching Platform To Finalize Upon Investment Hotspots And Featured Localities In Kolkata

Make The Best Of A Searching Platform To Finalize Upon Investment Hotspots And Featured Localities In Kolkata

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For any Indian buying, a house is perhaps one of the biggest and most common dreams. Though home-owning in any society has the highest emotional quotient level, you need to make a prudent decision. Also, financial viability has to back this prudent decision. Incorrect assessments lead to all kinds of financial difficulties in the form of overloaded debt. I have been to many cities in India and the list is a long one; Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai but Kolkata have always had my heart. So, I began my hunt for the house that I would settle for life. Top-of-the-order mission from the Union government to implement affordable housing schemes for everyone by 2022 has eased the interests of home loans since this year’s beginning. Hence, I could not have asked for a better time. I did not want to go for rented accommodation but for the residence of my own. Here is how helped me with the entire process.

Simplified search

When the situation arises to buy apartments in Kolkata, there are a few considerations that may confuse anyone. Today, the developers are offering apartments increasingly with world-class features inclusive of skywalks, landscaped terrace, multi-gym and swimming pools to lure any home buyer like me. If we do not assess our needs carefully then we can spend a fortune on those features that we may not even end up using. I am glad that I stumbled upon to look options for flats in Kolkata.  They were the fastest-growing enterprise in the space of real estate online have simplified home search for buyers like me.

Sort your choice as per relevance

I was looking for 2 bhk flats in Kolkata and I found some nearby Bhatpara, Shyamnagar, Gurdah, and Kawgachi in Shyamnagar. All I had to do was choose the options of BHK, price range, type of property, status of property and came up with the most relevant search. I could see the average rate per square feet, and the Final price range excluding maintenance. On the website, against each property, there is enough information about the real estate developer for the project, configs, amenities, and a general overview.

No fake listings

In the past I have been befooled by many online websites that dealt in the spaces of retail estates. In fact, to date, my friends share their horror stories about how they were led on to believe listings posted on a site and eventually all of them turned out to be non-genuine. I am so glad I partnered with for purchase of flats in Kolkata. They helped me with endless visits to multiple sites that appealed to me during the house-hunting process. It is glad to find a unique platform of property search that is filling breaches left by other organizations in the housing market.

Top investors backing the scheme

In the Shyamnagar area, a property of apartments really appealed to me and fulfilled my criteria of 1 bhk flats in Kolkata. I am so glad that the team at comprises of passionate solvers of problems and leading investors from across the world back it. For 771 square feet of flat, I could go through the per square feet rate that is 2.5 thousand. I am delighted to see that apartments in the square feet range of 771 to 810 have amenities like areas for car park, security round the clock, presence of educational institutes, schools, malls, and other convenience options. lists all possible details like the status of the project and contact details of the agent.

No compromise on quality

The business team at brings money home in return for empowering the individuals and enterprises within an ecosystem. To be honest, finding them was never a challenging task. I absolutely love the way they gather enough intel on flats in Kolkata and work their magic over it. It was pleasantly surprising for me to get in touch with a team that talks the talk, suits up, is pumped up and is extremely aggressive when it comes to meeting the demands of buyers like me. At no given time during the house-hunting process did the team ever compromise on the quality factor.

Listing of properties with a convenient location

Every metropolis is in an expanding phase with the increasing population, alongside the corresponding social as well as civic infrastructure. Nevertheless, a vast section of people like me prefers staying in the city’s heart for myriad reasons. Like for me, I will never compromise on reasons like connectivity, proximity to my workplace, access to cultural and social amenities. Since the cost was the major deterrent for me while I did not want to let go off my options, came up with the listing of micro-homes in fitting locations. They presented to be a wide array of 2 bhk flats in Kolkata. My family is a contemporary one loved how their listed properties with smaller sizes of unit called for efficient management of space.

Resale properties

While I was searching for the ideal house for myself and my family, I had the provision of finding flats in Kolkata that were actually independent houses. All I did was select the option of resale properties instead of new projects and presented me with options galore. For twenty-five lakhs I could zero in upon an independent house in Kolkata’s Shyamnagar that has 820 square feet of built-up area with three-point five thousand of average price for the built-up area.

Adding nearby localities aided the process of search

While kept on looking for 2 bhk flats in Kolkata in the Shyamangar area, provides its visitors to add nearby localities to the search. So, besides homes in Shyamnagar I could look for houses in Palta, Ichapur, Barrackpore, Patulia, and Titagarh.

Explore a new world of home buying

For any buyer like me, who has to singlehandedly arrange for everything, is a boon in disguise. Open your user account on the website or download the app and look for the best projects, top developers, buying guide and a fair share of information on home loans.

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