Want to study MBA in UK? Top 5 Colleges for you!

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The United Kingdom falls just second only after the US when it comes to the world’s most popular study destination for MBA. Moreover, UK is home to 26 of the 65 business schools in Europe that were featured in the QS Global 200 Business Schools Report. So, if you are planning to do your MBA program from UK, this post is for you. We will be listing top 5 MBA colleges of the UK in this post.So, do check out these colleges, if you aspire to do MBA from UK.

Study Abroad Terms you need to know:

International Students:  Approximate difference in the salary of the alumni before MBA and after MBA.

Employed at 3 months: Students who were placed within 3 months from the completion of the course

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London Business School

London Business School offers flexible full-time MBA program which lasts for a duration between 15 to about 21 months.This MBA program of LBS has been designed in order to provide the students with the connections and the capabilities that are necessary to succeed in the world of business. After this program, the students can diversify their program by way of a choice of elective module.Further, the students can apply their theoretical knowledge in practice by way of 8 weeks paid internship.They can even take up the opportunity of an international exchange with either one of the 30 business schools across the globe.

Cambridge Judge Business School – University of Cambridge

The full-time MBA program at the University of Cambridge is a 1-year intensive course.It has been designed to produce highly ambitious and motivated students who have a global outlook. In this school, the program focuses less on the theoretical aspects and sharpens you for your practical skills.This is done by involving the students in leadership sessions, live consulting projects and tailor designing the MBA program in accordance to the sector where they wish to work in.

Saïd Business School – University of Oxford

The most progressive MBA curriculum of Oxford has been designed to create managers who possess extraordinary integrity and ability. So that they can take lead in this fragile, complex and connected world.Here students get tthought-provokingand challenging program which includes a GOTO Entrepreneurship course i.e. the Global Opportunities.

Imperial College Business School – Imperial College London

Imperial College Business School, there is a full time MBA program of 1 year. This intensive course helps to fine tune all the business minded people who wish to venture in their chosen sector post the completion of the course. As part of the program, students will be equipped with the ability to seek solutions to all possible emerging business challenge and develop a global professional network and function.

Alliance Manchester Business School – The University of Manchester

Alliance Manchester Business School, there is an 18 month full time MBA program. As part of this program you’ll be given a complete grounding in the theoretical aspect of business.When you have acquired complete knowledge about the course, you’ll get several opportunities to practice by way of internships, live consultancy work or international projects.If students are prepared enough to put in the groundwork, a dedicated MBA Careers Service will ensure that the students of the University reach the goal that they aspire to achieve.

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