Reasons That Make Dell Servers The Market Leaders Even Today!

Reasons That Make Dell Servers The Market Leaders Even Today!

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Dell servers, particularly the long-running PowerEdge series, have a strong repute for reliability. This aspect is used as a selling point in some scenarios, but the bottom line is that any serious server requires being stable and must perform reliably and hence reliability aspect should be considered a bare minimum requirement for any serious IT business out there today. With that being stated, below are still some viable reasons why Dell servers are considered to be the market leaders even today.

Dell Servers

  • Remote Hardware Management

Every business from a small workgroup up to the ones that use enormous rooms lined up with orderly racked servers are very well aware of the benefits the remote hardware management offers, and this is an aspect where few rivals can honestly say that they even compete on the same playing field. With superior hardware based out of band management system, it is definitely possible to configure most of the Dell servers in various ways regardless of whether they are offline or online.

  • Amazing Hardware Design

Hardware design is as amazing as it runs. Although nearly everyone can build servers that look amazing, that does not mean that it runs well too. Limited airflow can cause some serious issues in a server, specially if it is to be attached to a rack that is full of other devices. Del servers, particularly Dell PowerEdge R840, has a long history of ample heat sinks on the chips, high ventilation designs that the rivals oftentimes leaves bare, and opt for low-noise/low-speed fans when the competitors would consider having a passive cooling solution.

  • Easy and Quick Upgrades

Not all hardware and OEM designers tend to make their professional grade solutions easy to upgrade or maintain. Dell servers, specially the PowerEdge range is easy to upgrade and work with, an aspect that most overlook until it is too late for them to realize. It perhaps be a silly aspect to praise, but the downtime during server replacements or upgrades can be quite costly. This is triply true when the downtime or upgrades are not planned. Every second count here and no one would want to be looking for custom tools to pry apart a hard disk enclosure to access the memory while the accounting system is down.

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  • Best Price

Dell Servers are extremely competitive when it comes to pricing. There are definitely competitors out there offering lower prices with the same CPU, memory, and hardware configurations, but they do not match the level of designs, remote management that are convenient to work with.

Dell servers are the best option for any business that wants to have a professional and reliable system for any size infrastructure or server farm. Take your time and compare different Dell servers in order to find a model that suits your computing requirements to the fullest.

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