How To Sell A House During A Divorce

How To Sell A House During A Divorce

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Divorce proceedings can be messy. Not only that your family life is being flaunted in public, but the stress and emotions are at its highest level. But then, despite everything, there are things that needs to be settled between you and your partner. And because of that, you need to set your differences and your emotions aside for you both to enable to settle things nicely.

A House During

One of the issues being raised is the house where the couple once lived together. Automatically, this becomes a conjugal property and since the divorce is already on its way, the best option is to sell the house. But how can you two settle in selling the house when there is an ongoing war in court? Here are some tips.


The very first step is a talk between you and your partner. It should start from the basics. In this stage, make sure that you have your emotions checked before you go through the meeting. And so that everything will be covered, have your conditions listed for you not to forget anything. And during the talk, listen, comprehend and understand everything he is telling you. If you are not comfortable with his conditions, ask your lawyer afterwards.

Talk with Lawyers

You can also do a talk with the lawyers at present. Having them during the meeting can be of help in terms of the selling legalities. And having someone in the middle would help mediate between the you and your partner. In this meeting you can also have the lawyer do the talking despite your personal presence.

Through Lawyers

Sell your home during divorce Philadelphia is very messy especially if the proceeding is ongoing. If the talk is not that successful, you can always resort to your lawyers to settle the things. Just make sure that your lawyer is well informed with your conditions and have completely understood why such conditions were imposed. Lawyer to lawyer talk may happen several times until such time both of you agreed on one ground.

Selling a house in such circumstances can be pretty tough. It really needs the help of a counsel just to push through. But while all the negotiations are undergoing, make sure also that you are doing things that will prepare the house for the market. And once the agreement finally came in, you can immediately put the selling into full force.

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