How to Get Money from A Car Accident Without A Lawyer

How to Get Money from A Car Accident Without A Lawyer

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If you are a victim of a car accident, you will have to bear a substantial amount of expenses in addition to the psychological distress. Towing costs and vehicle repairing costs, in particular, make substantial contribution to those expenses. Also, you will have to tolerate a massive medical bill depending on the type of the injury you have. If truth to be told, medical bills can be pretty overwhelming for any individual. The victims of most automobile accidents are required to stay at least one night in hospital. Also, many of those victims have to undergo at least one surgery. All in all, these instances can mount up a massive medical bill for you. If the surgery is a pretty complicated and a serious one, the overall cost can easily be a five-figure amount.

In fact, a considerable portion of the medical costs incurred due to Asheville car accidents will be settled by the respective insurance companies. But the truth is that those insurance providers are generally play a very defensive game from their end. Upon Asheville auto accidents, insurance companies hardly willing to cover the whole medical and auto repair costs. In that case, you will definitely need to play a tough game to make a substantial claim. That is why many of the individuals tend to get the assistance of a lawyer to increases the chances of getting a better claim.

On the other hand, people are aware that Asheville motor vehicle accident lawyers are not that affordable. with the assistance of your lawyer you might be able to get a generous settlement from the respective insurance company. But you should be aware that a considerable portion of your settlement will be owned by the lawyer as his or her fee. The size of the cut might differ from one lawyer to another. Expensive Asheville car accident lawyers may even charge one-third of your settlement. Well, the amount of money remains with you after the settlement can be substantially less than you expected as a result of such large cut. Which means, even with the settlement, it will be difficult for you to overcome the financial damage you have experienced. Although it is difficult to guarantee that you will get a sizable settlement from the insurance company if you don’t have a lawyer, your chances of getting a reasonable payout are pretty decent.

If you don’t want the assistance of a lawyer and still want a decent settlement from your insurance company, you should act with good determination. To back your process up, you should keep all the essential documents such as vehicle repair bills, medical bills etc. in a well-organized manner. Also, don’t forget to keep invoices of miscellaneous expenses (such as tow truck). As long as you have proper documentation and act persistently, you have a good chance of receiving a decent settlement.

However, if the respective insurance company tries to offer you a ridiculously bad settlement, you should send a demand letter. This letter must comprise of the clear information about your accident and a precise amount of money you are expecting to cover your damages. The insurance company must accept your demand letter (as per the law). Even if they don’t agree to the amount you propose at once, the demand letter will be the beginning of the potentially constructive negotiations you will engage in afterwards.

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