4 Ways Graphene Will Change The Way We Live

4 Ways Graphene Will Change The Way We Live

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Ever imagined filtering color from your whiskey? Or how about uploading a whole terabit in just one second? Well, whether you imagine it or not, our scientists have already and this is going to change our lives and the way we used to live. Yep, we are talking about the wondrous chemical that is going to change our lives – Graphene.

It is not any alien material or the one that you can find in a scientific lab, but it is the thing that you will probably see all around you. The discovery of graphene has changed the vision of our scientists and they are going to change the way we live.

Want proof? Check out the ways graphene is going to change everything around us.

4 Incredible Uses of Graphene:

Graphene is nothing but a single atom layer of the graphite, the material that is used in the pencils. The material – graphene was discovered in the year of 2004 and it is transforming everything around us. Ranging from filtering seawater to the lightest yet strongest armors, we have everything that we can’t ever imagine. Need to know more about graphene? Visit ACS Material

Here are the 4 incredible ways graphene is actually a wonder material.

#1: The Paint of Future:

Have you ever imagined the paint coating that can change its color when it senses the need of repair of underlying structure? Well, that is what the researchers at Germany’s Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research while studying graphene. According to them, a smart graphene coating can indicate the breaks and fractures of the underlying structure by changing its color. Isn’t it cool?

#2: Mega-fast Uploads:

Although this thing needs a lot of work, however, a theory has been made that graphene can be used to perform mega-fast uploads in just a matter of seconds. Yep, you have heard it right. We are not talking about an MB or Gb but a whole terabit in just one second. Sounds fascinating!!

#3: Charging Phones Super Quickly:

Graphene can also be used to recharge our phones super quickly. Yep, all you need is to plug in your device just for five seconds and you are done charging. This comes with only a single drawback – you won’t be able to use a dead phone as an excuse anymore 😛

#4: Indicating Our Health:

It’s not just the health of building that graphene can indicate, it’s yours too. A research has been done in the context and found that graphene can detect cancer cells too.

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