Unique Flooring Options for a Jaw-Dropping Interior

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Flooring is an often unappreciated and underestimated aspect of a home’s interior design. It should be practical, of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for the ordinary. In fact, unique flooring can redefine your living space and allow what’s under your feet to become a canvas for self-expression.


So, forget the traditional hardwood, wall-to-wall carpeting, and plain tile floors and open your mind to the alternatives. Whether you’re looking for something that’s eco-friendly or want to make a bold, artistic statement, consider incorporating one or more of the following unique flooring choices.

Mosaic Tiles


Mosaic tiles have all the benefits of traditional tile flooring, but with far more character and charm. Opting for ornately detailed mosaic tiles allows you to turn your flooring into a work of fine art.

They may look delicate, but made from natural stone, they are far from it. These tiles are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and stain-resistant, making them easy to clean and sure to last a lifetime.

Mosaic Rugs


Area rugs can help add dimension and balance to a space, but those in high-traffic areas show signs of wear over time. Not to mention, they can be difficult or costly to clean, requiring professional treatments each year.

Mosaic rugs offer the best of both worlds. They have the beauty of brilliantly patterned area rugs with the simple upkeep of a tile floor. Plus, just like mosaic tiles, they are resilient to wear and tear and can last in your space forever.



As one of the most eco-friendly unique flooring options on the market, cork flooring is often chosen due to its renewability. It is also extremely comfortable to walk on and can be a safe flooring option for rooms where children play or in the homes of older adults at risk of serious falls.

The most surprising benefit, however, is that cork repels insects, making it great for a kitchen or dining room where you are preparing and eating food. While it isn’t the most durable material and requires some upkeep to keep it sealed, it can be the perfect choice for spaces for folks with specific needs.

Leather Tiles


If you thought cork was a unique choice, then you’ll be surprised to learn that leather can, in fact, serve as a flooring material. It is unmatched in texture and feel, and can actually be more appealing the more worn it gets.

Think of it as having the smoothness of linoleum or hardwood with the softness of a high-pile carpet. Take just one step and your feet will be pleasantly surprised.

While you may not want to outfit your entire home in leather flooring, it can be a fantastic option for the right space. Due to its vulnerability to water, it’s best to stick to dry rooms with less foot traffic, such as offices, dens, or TV rooms.



On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have concrete flooring. What it lacks in plush it makes up for in a number of other ways.

First and foremost, concrete floors can stand up to higher temperatures, meaning you have the option to add a heating element to your floors. No matter the season, you can have warm floors year-round, eliminating the need for area rugs (or socks!).

Concrete floors are great for kitchens and bathrooms where splashes and spills are common. When properly sealed, concrete is one of the easiest to clean materials around.

Plus, concrete offers a surprising number of design options. If you have the image of plain gray concrete in your head, think again. Concrete can be dyed, stained, or even painted to achieve your desired look.

Reclaimed Wood


While reclaimed wood is the closest to traditional flooring included on this list, it still has a distinctly unique look. Due to its age and imperfections, it is full of character and history. If only floors could talk.

Reclaimed wood isn’t just a unique flooring option for old houses. Even modern spaces can fit the aged look within their overall aesthetic. When installed correctly, it is just as easy to maintain as regular hardwood floors.

Stenciled and Painted


Believe it or not, you can paint various types of flooring. This emerging home design trend isn’t for the faint of heart, but the payoff can be spectacular.

Whether you choose to paint your floors a solid color or use a stencil to create a multicolored design, this method can completely transform a space.

Not only is it a DIY-friendly option, but it can be less expensive than updating your flooring with a new material. Painted floors do require some upkeep and won’t last forever, but they can be a fun way to change up your room’s style from time to time.

How to Choose the Unique Flooring Option That’s Right for You


There are a few things to consider before opting for a unique flooring solution. Start with your biggest priorities and narrow it down from there.

Do you want something that’s durable and easy to clean or do you want a material that will make your room feel cozy and warm? Are you looking for flooring for the long term or a creative way to update your flooring for the time being?

No matter what, there’s a unique flooring solution for any space. You just have to decide which works best for your home and its particular needs.


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