OSRS Best Money: A Comprehensive Guide to Earning Wealth in Old School RuneScape

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OSRS Best Money

Skilling Methods

1. Fishing: A Profitable Catch

Fishing in OSRS can be a lucrative endeavor. By leveling up your fishing skill, you can catch high-value fish such as sharks and anglerfish. These fish can be sold for a handsome profit on the Grand Exchange. Additionally, you can participate in activities like the Fishing Trawler mini-game or take advantage of fishing spots that offer special rewards, such as the Infernal eel.

2. Woodcutting: Timber for Treasure

Woodcutting is another skill that can generate substantial wealth. As you progress, you’ll gain access to valuable logs like yew logs and magic logs. These logs are in high demand among players who are training their Fletching or Firemaking skills, making them a great source of income. Remember to keep an eye out for special trees like the Ents, which can provide even more profitable resources.

3. Mining: Digging up Riches

Mining is a classic money-making skill in OSRS. By mining ores such as runite, adamantite, and coal, you can sell them for a tidy sum. Moreover, you can participate in the Motherlode Mine mini-game to obtain valuable resources and ores efficiently. Keep an eye on the market prices to maximize your profits.

4. Farming: Cultivating Wealth

Farming is a unique skill that allows you to grow various crops and herbs. By planting and harvesting these items, you can earn a steady income. Herbs, in particular, can be extremely profitable, especially if you have a high-level Herblore skill. Consider growing high-value herbs like ranarr or torstol for maximum profits.

Combat Methods

1. Slayer Tasks: Bounty of the Beasts

Slayer tasks provide an excellent opportunity to earn money while training combat skills. As a Slayer, you’ll receive assignments to defeat specific monsters, some of which drop valuable items or have rare drop tables. Completing these tasks not only yields combat experience but also offers a chance to obtain sought-after items that can be sold for significant amounts of gold.

2. Boss Hunting: Conquer the Powerful Foes

For those seeking a greater challenge and potentially higher rewards, engaging in boss fights is an excellent option. OSRS offers a range of formidable bosses with unique mechanics and rewarding drops. Defeating bosses like the Corporeal Beast, the Abyssal Sire, or the Theatre of Blood can grant you valuable items, such as sigils, uniques, or rare equipment.

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3. PvP Combat: Risk vs. Reward

Engaging in Player versus Player (PvP) combat can be a thrilling way to make money. By participating in activities like the Wilderness Revenant Caves or Bounty Hunter, you have the chance to obtain valuable PvP drops. However, keep in mind that PvP combat involves risks, and you may lose your items if you’re defeated. It’s crucial to assess the potential rewards against the possible losses before venturing into this high-risk, high-reward playstyle.

Merchanting and Investing

1. Flipping Items: Buy Low, Sell High

Flipping items on the Grand Exchange is a popular method used by experienced players to generate wealth. The concept is simple: buy items at a lower price and sell them for a higher price. By monitoring price trends and understanding market fluctuations, you can identify opportunities to make profitable trades. Patience and knowledge of item values are key to succeed in this method.


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