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A Levels – Distance Learning | Online A Level Courses

Distance learning or online learning for A Levels, opens up a whole world of opportunities for students. We all know that A Levels are an internationally recognised educational program and the option to complete it online makes the whole package a lot more satisfying.

A Levels online (distance learning) takes 2 years, and the student is provided with full tutor support, complete course material, and an interactive learning environment. Once a student has completed the requirements of the course and completed the assessment, a certificate is awarded by the relevant awarding body (OCR, AQA, Cambridge or Edexcel).

One of the best alternatives to college are A Levels completed by distance learning with an online learning college – especially for private candidates as they can save valuable time and resources by studying at home instead of going to college every day. This is important, not only because of the COVID-19 pandemic going around; it is also the safer option to opt for distance learning. According to students, the benefits of working at your own schedule, pace, time, and place is something that they can’t get from on-campus classes.

If we take a closer look at the A Level courses, it includes both portions of the A Level award (AS and A2 for international and AS and full A Level for UK). To complete the A Level online, a student needs to complete all the awarding body syllabus successfully. Although most of the courses will be conducted online, students would have to appear in the exam centre for exams. This is actually a standard practice among many other universities and colleges as well. In the exam centre, A Level online students will appear as private candidates.

Despite being labelled as private candidate, this would not have any effect on your performance or exam’s score. Another requirement is the completion of all the required examinations during one examination period – Once this is completed, a student will gain the qualification.

Full A-Level Courses

Some of the top A-Level courses being offered are mentioned below:

  • A Level Biology
  • A Level History
  • A Level Economics
  • A Level Chemistry
  • A Level Accounting
  • A Level Business
  • A Level Ancient History
  • A Level Law
  • A Level Mathematics
  • A Level Politics
  • A Level Sociology
  • A Level Computer Science

And much more…

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Benefits of Online A-Levels

You are probably already aware that A Level courses are usually recognised by educational institutes and employers all over the world. But that’s not it, though… The education also allows you to explore various subjects in full depth – Another thing which makes this course so much better than others is that you only get to take those subjects which actually interest you.

If we talk about the value aspect of A Levels, it can be of great value when mentioned on your CV. Even for further education in a university or other educational institutions, it can become easy to advance with A Levels. But, the best benefit among all others is that you get to study the same course online as compared to someone studying in a traditional college and attending real classes. On the other hand, you get to enjoy the flexibility and home learning with A Levels online.

Attending full-time classes is not for everyone, and that’s where distance learning really shines. Students who are opting for online A Levels get to study at their own pace and in an environment of their choice as well. But the most prominent benefit is that one can enrol on these courses at any time of the year instead of waiting until September!

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