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Canoeing – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Since childhood, people have many dreams which they want to fulfill in their lives and canoeing is one of those dreams. But you don’t know where, how and when to go canoeing, here is the simplest way to search and learn about canoeing. WildBounds is the best website created by the professionals to help people who are looking for trip ideas and are interested in traveling. WildBounds helps in explaining everything in detail just like canoeing.

So here are the things you shall require while fulfilling your childhood dream;


If you have finally decided to go canoeing then you have to buy the proper gear which includes the canoe, paddles, kits, life jackets etc. This is not cheap but it doesn’t matter if you have been thinking about it since your childhood.


There are hundreds of choices about the color, shape, and size of the canoe. But this is to be decided by you. There are two types of canoe one, the inflatable which is to be used on inland lakes or canals and aren’t made for long run use but they are very handy and easy to carry. Second, the traditional open boats which are a lot more expensive and you have to buy a lot of other equipment for it like camp woods for a bonfire. Choose according to your plan and affordability. A proper canoe set is for 900 Pounds and if you go for second-hand it would cost around 200 Pounds.


Again, there are two types of paddles: on, wooden and second metal rod with plastic paddle. Metal one is more usable as you won’t fear that it would break in the middle of your learning. It may cost as less as 20 Pounds.

Dry Bag

It is a plastic bag which is used to put your extra things which are meant to stay away from water like camera, phone, wallet, spare clothes etc.

Buoyancy Kit

You don’t need to compromise on the safety. So buy a kit which fits perfectly and comfortably on you. You may buy a kit with caps and extra pockets that totally depends on your usage. But Do Not Try To Take It Off During Canoeing!

Canoe Rack

It is used to place the canoe on the car, but many people manage with their agencies to provide and deliver their canoes at the selected spot.

Dry Clothing

These aren’t that essential but are just to protect your clothes from odd splashes.

How to Canoe?

These were the gears required to go canoeing now let’s learn how to canoe! Follow the following steps and learn how to get into canoeing properly.

Paddling Forward

This is the stroke which moves the canoe in the water. First, place your thumb on the T-grip and hold the shaft tightly. And then place the opposite hand at the position of ¾ way down the paddle. Put the paddle down into the water where the shaft touches your keens. As the paddle is in the water push it backwards smoothly and take it out straight and repeat.

Paddling with Your Partner

If there are two people in the canoe, then the one sitting in the front is helping to push the canoe forward. Both of them are facing each other. The one sitting before the canoe is the one managing how and where to steer. To steer the canoe, you need constant corrections here and there to keep it in a straight line.

To steer, put the paddle (blade) into the water and your thumb should be facing the sky, now pull the paddle towards yourself and push it away from the canoe. This will help you to steer the canoe.

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