Properly Cleaning of Roofing System Expansion in its Life

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A new roof costs on average eight thousand dollars. It is therefore important to take good care of your roof in order to extend its life expectancy. Regular roof cleaning is one way to achieve this. It is not normal to have a streaky roof. The roof’s streaky and splotchy appearance is usually caused by gloeocapsamagma bacteria. This is a type of algae growth. Limestone filler is found in your roof’s roof shingles granules. Once this bacteria has taken hold of your roof, it will eat away at it. It can lead to roof granule loss if it isn’t caught. Mold and mildew can also cause streaks of dirt and eat away at roof shingles. Regular roof cleaning from Roofing downriver MI contractors  can prevent this from happening. Many homeowners believe that streaking is normal wear and tear, and their roof should last between twelve and fifteen years. It can be removed from the roof and last up to twenty-five year. Who wouldn’t want their home to look amazing? Most homeowners would agree. Our homes should look amazing from the roof to the walls. The roof can make a house look more glamorous. We need to know how to select the right roof. It is important to be able make the right decision taking into account the most important aspects such as the roof’s durability, energy efficiency, style, cost, and any applicable local laws.


Cleaning Your Roofing System Properly

You can clean your roof by yourself but it is better to hire a professional who is familiar with soft washing. This cleaning method uses a biodegradable cleaner that will stick to your roof and not run off, causing property damage. Soft washing uses low-pressure water. Pressure washing is not recommended as this can cause more damage to the roof shingles. This can spread algae spores to the atmosphere and cause them to enter your home. Although roof cleaning can be expensive, it is much cheaper than replacing your roof.


To determine if your roof needs cleaning, you must not stand on the ground to inspect the roof. To inspect your roof, you will need to climb up a ladder. Make sure you use a sturdy ladder before you attempt to climb to the roof. Also, ensure that someone is there to assist you in case of emergency. Take time to inspect the ladder for damage caused by past storms. Roof cleaning will not be possible if you find any damage. You should hire someone to inspect your roof if you are not able to climb up. A professional would be able repair and clean up any damage.

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