Tear Off and Overlay Which Method Is Best for Roofing Repair

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Until a roof leak occurs, homeowners don’t think much about their roof. When a roof leak occurs, homeowners often wonder if they should get a replacement roof or a shingle overlay to cover the existing roofing. This article will explain the pros and cons of each method.

What Is a Tear-Off and How Can You Help?

This is a common roof project. A Roofing contractors Dearborn Michigan will visit your home to remove or tear down all the old roof shingles. The crew will inspect the wooden base that supports your roof rafters and then replace or seal it as necessary. They will then cover your roof completely with new shingles.


What Is a Roof Overlay and Does It Work?

Overlays can save time, labor, and disposal costs. However, code requires that any shingles left over from a tear-off roof be taken to a local dump or similar disposal center. A complete tear-off or removal of the roof may not be necessary if the roof is in good shape, only has one layer, and has no bumps or rolls. If your roof is in any of these conditions, you should have it torn off. Roots with more than one layer should be removed. Roots with 2 layers or more should be torn down. This is a common building code requirement. If in doubt, consult your local building inspector or a North Carolina licensed roofing contractor.

Your Roof Decking needs Repair – Any local roofing contractor can inspect your roof’s decking. If he spots any soft or spongy areas on the roof, or points out sagging sections in between the rafters it is likely that the underlying structure has been damaged or is deteriorating.


The plywood decking can become wet and delaminating with time or dry rot due mold or mildew.

Ice Dams

They are another common problem roofing contractors have to deal with. There are many roofing companies that receive calls about ice dams in some parts of the South, such as North Carolina. A roof without an ice or water membrane can cause damage that could cost thousands of dollars if temperatures drop below 30 degrees F. Your current roof is in poor shape – This is an important deciding factor when it comes to whether or not a recovery or overlay is possible. A roof contractor can provide an estimate and give you a quote for replacement roofing.


You now have a better understanding of roof repair and what you can expect. Click the link below to reach a trusted roofing professional for a thorough roof inspection.

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