3 Reasons Why You Need to Replace Your Roof

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Drafty roofs are a constant source of concern for every homeowner. Why shouldn’t it be? Whether it’s scorching hot or there is a heavy thunderstorm, a good strong roof will protect your home from wear and tear of harsh weather conditions. Therefore, hiring a reliable roofing services canton MI should be your first priority. How to identify whether you should consider replacing your roof? Following are the five main reasons why homeowners choose to replace their roofs.

Visible Roof Sagging & Water Leaking

They say “actions speak louder than words”. Well, it’s the same case for your roof too. A leaking roof will show its visible signs before anyone articulates its condition. Water will seep from the roof and make its way into the walls making them damp, cracking the plaster and peeling off the paint.


Not only this, these damp walls host a perfect spot for mold and mildew growth. From here, mold can easily spread around your house and become a cause of serious allergies and irritation. Things take a bad turn when there is a patient of respiratory disorders like asthma in the house, agitating their condition to worse. When you have a serious roof leak, your ceilings aren’t just damp. They show complete sag in the roof. And by the weight of water, it could break down any time. Instead of a simple patching job, consider calling a qualified roofer without any further delay. Because your family safety comes first.

Broken Flashing & Shingles


Flashing is the metal between shingle and non-shingled parts, like where roof edges meet or the chimney. Shingles are individual overlapping elements that act as a roof covering. Both play a monumental role in maintaining the integrity of the roof. Broken flashings and shingles may seem as a simple deterioration at first but if this issue is not addressed soon enough, it can have severe consequences and lead up to roof replacement as its last resort.

Growth of Vegetation on Your Roof

Growth of vegetation in home roofs is a prime indicator of presence of moisture below the shingles that provide a favorable environment to plants to extend their roots. This can be a big problem for your roof as the roots will expose gaps between your shingles, allowing wood rot. When plant roots penetrate the weather barrier, they damage the frame of your roof by letting moisture into the insulation.

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