Fabrication and Application of Orthopedic Patient Gown

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Fabrication and Application of Orthopedic Patient Gown

When changing clothes for patients with fracture or dislocation of joint, although routine orthopedic care has been performed, the healthy limb shall be removed first before the affected limb is removed, and the affected limb shall be worn first before the healthy limb is worn, and two nurses shall be required to operate, one to lift the affected limb and the other to replace it, so as to alleviate the pain of the patient.

In practice, patients are often reluctant to change clothes because of the pain caused by the replacement, or the affected limb is unable to wear clothes. Especially in patients with bilateral or multiple fractures. For this reason, Our company-Anhui MedPurest Medical Technology Co., Ltd design and manufacture the orthopedic patient gown, through clinical trials, the effect is satisfactory.

Clinical Data

Three different colors of cotton (small and large sizes for different colors) flat elastic bands, buttons.

The Production Method

The length of the trousers is the same as that of the traditional patient clothes, and the width is slightly wider than that of the traditional patient clothes. Divided into large, medium and small sizes. The production of the coat: the chicken heart-collar is cut and made according to the traditional method, the storage pouch is installed in the front of the coat, and the middle line of the sleeve (namely the sleeve) is used

Cut from the cuff to the neckline 7 cm to the inner side, add hem, open the buttonhole, and fasten the button. The distance between buttons is about 10cm. Making of trousers: cut and made according to traditional patient gown, in the front of the trousers

Cut the line 7 cm from the trouser leg to the waist, add the edge, open the buttonhole, and install the button. The distance between the button and the button is about 10 cm. Sew a flat elastic band on the waistband, and fold the elastic band firmly at the cutting place.

Use Method

Wear: unbutton the button on the affected side, wear the limb first, pull the sleeve or pants on the affected side, smooth the button. Take off: first unbutton the affected side, pull open the sleeves or trousers, and then take off the healthy limb. If there is a catheter, drainage tube, first put the catheter from the opening of the gown external fixation

Okay, Button Up Again.

Advantages (1) Easy to wear and take off, save time and effort, improve work efficiency, reduce the workload of nurses. (2) beautiful and generous, comfortable, warm. (3) All kinds of catheters are pulled out of the clothes from the opening to avoid distortion and discounting. When carrying a patient or walking,

Drainage bag into the storage bag. Reduce prolapse. (3) Unbuttoning facilitates examination, disposal and observation, and relieves the pain of patients. (4) the adding edge is not in the bone process, the side lying and supine are not affected, and the occurrence of pressure sores can be reduced. (5) facilitate the solution of urine and feces. (6) production

Simple. (7) widely used, not only unilateral, bilateral, multiple body fractures can be used.

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