How To Keep Algae Away From Your Roof

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Roof repair Bloomfield Mi

Algae, very well know to grow on the roof as a result of waterlogging, keeps giving many house owners a hard time getting rid of it. Roof repair Bloomfield Mi has wonderful news for you. Here are some of the ways you can keep algae away;

Spraying Chemicals

One of the best ways that are recommended to do aways with Algae by Roof repair Bloomfield Mi on your roof is spraying Algicide chemicals. Algae can only grow in a place with suitable conditions that support its growth, but when you apply algicide, it denatures the favorite conditions and they are doomed to die. However, using this as an algae control measure, the house owner will be required to apply it every now and then to so that the algae does not grow again.

Roof repair Bloomfield Mi

Using Copper-Infuse Shingles

As a house owner, there is the option of choosing copper-infused shingles to prevent the growth of Algae. Roof repair Bloomfield Mi has seen may clients benefit from this type of roofing and they do not have to worry about algae anymore, They realized that the residents of Michigan experience a lot of snow during the winter and during this time, there is a lot of algae that grow on their roofs. Copper is very resistant to algae and therefore the best option to choose when choosing your roof.

Using Dark Shingles

For some reason, it has come to the knowledge of the experts from Roof repair Bloomfield Mi that using dark shingles as your preferred roof reduces the rate at which algae grows. This has been obsearved in different regions of  Michigan and it has proved to deliver the desired results. Roof repair Bloomfield repair can get you the dark shingles and install them for you and you will not be disturbed by the frequent algae that keep growing on your roof.

Roof repair Bloomfield Mi

Installing Copper Granule Shingles

The copper granule Shingle gives you double protection on your roof, one is the protection from the Uv rays while the other is the inhibition from the growth of algae. Choosing it gives you an added advantage. Roof repair Bloomfield Mi has the expert knowledge to fit this type of roof for you and will give you additional information on how to maintain them since the granules may fall off after some time. To get in touch with us is so easy, just visit the link above and you can make a call or send us an email. Our response team is always ready to serve you at any time.

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