Preparing For Your Freshman Year Of College

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The transition from high school to college can be challenging for a lot of students. You may find yourself in a new environment, having to take responsibility for every aspect of your life, while dealing with a lot more reading and work than you handled in high school. On top of this, you need to navigate the social life on campus. While all this sounds intimidating, if you are well prepared, the transition from high school to college should not be too difficult for you.

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Improve Your Social, People and Soft Skills

College calls for a lot more collaboration between students. You might need to work on group projects as well as communicate with your fellow students. For this, you need strong communication skills. You need to be able to convey ideas clearly and work with others.

Your social skills will also be tested if you find yourself living with a roommate that you likely did not know before arriving on campus. For things to go smoothly, you have to be able to talk to them and find common ground on a lot of things.

Your leadership and problem-solving skills will come in handy when it is time to apply for internships or jobs. The good news is that if you attended a school like Visitation School, all these skills should already be ingrained in you which gives you an advantage over most other first-year students.

Practice Time Management

In high school, you likely had a timetable and a set time for doing different things. Maybe you went to class, then did your homework at home in the evening under the supervision of your parents. In college, you have to find time to do everything that is required of you. Because there are so many social activities and a huge reading burden, it might be challenging to find time to read and do assignments.

If you do not want to be running around when deadlines are near, you have to have good time management skills. You can start practicing these skills during your final high school year so you already have them when you arrive on campus.

Once you are on campus, you can use digital time management tools designed for students. These tools can help you organize your life and help you strike a balance between academics and social activities.

Find Out If You Need a Job

College is expensive and most students quickly learn that their expenses extend far beyond fees and tuition. There are day to day expenses such as commuting and eating out that need to be considered. A part-time job can help with these expenses but if you do not need a job, then don’t get one. A job takes some time away from your studies and if you are not able to balance your time properly, you might fall behind in class.

If you think you will need a job while in college, send out some applications before the semester begins. This will help you know everything about businesses that accept your application before the semester starts.

If you prepare for college early enough, the transition from college to high school will be easier for you than it will be for many students. Time management and finding a balance between academics and social life are two of the most important areas to focus on.

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