Сat Rings: Which One to Choose?

Сat Rings: Which One to Choose?

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Ever since ancient Egypt, felines have been inspiring jewelers to create true masterpieces. From eminent jewelry brands to small private workshops, everyone likes these graceful creatures and desires to introduce their images into jewelry collections.

Cats are not the only animals who adorn rings, necklaces, and brooches. Their wild relatives, lions, tigers, panthers, and other large cats have found their way into jewelry, too. This post will help you figure out which of these animals is worthy to be in your personal collection.


They say that the art of being feminine and graceful can be learned by observing the cat. Indeed, this animal embodies the most attractive female qualities, tenderness, and softness. At the same time, they are cunning and wayward.

Now, let’s go directly to rings. Jewelry brands roll out countless variations of “cat” rings. They bear expressive cat face, fluffy tails wrapping around a female finger, small-scale images of cats, etc. The choice depends only on what you want to convey with such a ring.


The lion is known as the king of the jungle. Pride, wisdom, fortitude, leadership – these qualities are inherent in the lion. It would seem that a silver lion ring should belong to a male. But who said that girls can’t have it in their jewelry collection? If you want to emphasize your strength but, at the same time, remain feminine, you can go with a lioness ring.


This ferocious wild cat is an important symbol in feng shui. It is generally accepted that tigers contain masculine energy. For this reason, tiger jewelry is a great gift for a man. At the same time, a tiger ring on the female finger is able to reinforce her inner power and give strength to her character.


This animal is ideal for ladies. A panther is patient, self-confident, and cunning. As a spirit animal, it is chosen by women who possess such qualities or wish to develop them. Spotting your panther ring, passers-by will realize that you are a person of great personality with a hidden wild side.

Other feline species (leopard, lynx, etc.)

Other cats also have individual traits, but there are qualities that unite them all. A ring with these animals, according to psychologists, demonstrates hidden aggression, strong personality, and independence. You should wear it only on special occasion since people around you may think you are cold and unapproachable.

So what kind of ring to choose?

Symbology experts are sure that not only the animal itself plays a role but also its posture and appearance. It is easy to guess that the predator with a grin as if prepared for a jump is a symbol of aggression and strong personality. Such rings are chosen by successful and confident people who have achieved certain heights. On the other hand, if you are a wise, calm, and sensible girl, a fluffy cat dormant on your finger is a better choice. But if you want to release your inner panther, who can stop you?

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