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Portable Document Format files or PDFs as they are usually known are one of the most widely used file formats for electronic documents exchange. The reason being it allows presenting documents independently of the user’s software, hardware or operating system. If you ask someone to send you some important information, there is a good chance that you will get a neatly formatted PDF document with the requested data accompanied by tables, graphics, and diagrams secured with a password.

However, with all the benefits PDFs offers, it is not easy to modify, edit or manipulate the data. So, if your task implies re-arranging the data for further analysis, you will have to ask the correspondent to send you another file or look for ways to convert PDF to Excel.

This is where PDF converters come into play such as the PDFelement Pro. It is one of the best PDF to Excel converter tools that helps you easily convert your PDF files into an editable format. PDF to Excel converter software is also an essential tool for business and research institutions who need to use, share, and process a lot of spreadsheet information securely.

Let’s take a look at why PDFelement Pro is the best PDF to Excel converter software

Why PDFelement Pro is the Best PDF to Excel Converter

Professional level PDF editors are feature-rich but have a tendency to be expensive and complicated to use. PDFelement Pro is none of these things. It is a powerful yet easy to use PDF to Excel software for Windows and Mac that not only allows the conversion of PDF to Excel but other file formats as well such as Word, HTML, PPT, Image, RTF, EPUB, and a lot more.

PDFelement Pro is designed with usability in mind giving you full control over your PDF content allowing you to easily and quickly convert PDF to Excel sheet as well as edit the text, add annotations, create forms, extract data, encrypt with a password, and add permission-based restrictions.

With PDFelement Pro you can convert one PDF file to Excel with just one click as well as batch convert your PDF files to Excel to save time. What more, a free trial version is available for you to test before payment and the price is just under the US $100. At this price, it may not be considered exactly cheap, but is very well priced when compared to the other PDF editors available on the market. The fact that it is available for Windows and macOS is a real bonus for individuals and businesses who need a PDF conversion and editing tool that works on different platforms.

With that said, let’s have a look at how to convert your files from PDF to Excel with PDFelement Pro.

How to Convert PDF to Excel

PDFelement Pro has the Convert feature that also enables you to convert PDF to Excel easily and with just one click. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you.

Step 1 – Download and Launch the Software

Download the PDFelement Pro’s version that is compatible with your operating system from the official website and proceed with the installation. The latest version of PDFelement Pro works well for you. Once it is installed, double click to launch the PDF to excel converter software.

Step 2 – Open or Import the PDF File

After launching PDFelement Pro, you need to add the PDF file to the tool in order to convert it from PDF to Excel. You have two ways to do that, either drag and drop your PDF file into the program window or click on the Open File button to browse the PDF file from your folder.

Step 3 – Convert PDF to Excel

Once the PDF file you want to convert is open, go to the Convert tab and click on the To Excel tab. A pop-up window will appear, here select the output folder and output format you want to convert to. In this case, it would be .xlsx or PDF to xls. Go to the Settings button and select an option for whether you want to combine all pages into a single excel sheet. Click on the Save button and name the file to save it and start the process of conversion. Within a few minutes, your PDF file convert to Excel.

The OCR feature comes handy when you need to convert scanned PDF file to Excel. When you open the scanned PDF file in the program, a notification bar will appear at the top asking to Perform OCR. Click on it and to convert the scanned PDF to editable Excel spreadsheet.

PDFelement Pro has the capability to convert multiple PDFs to Excel files in a batch to help you save time. Here is how to proceed with the process.

How to Batch Convert PDF to Excel

Step 1 – Launch the Software and Choose Batch Process

Launch the PDFelement Pro PDF to Excel software on your device and then go to click on the Batch Process tab and Convert to load multiple PDF files in just one click.

Step 2 – Export PDF to Excel 

Once the PDF files are open in the program, choose the Output Format tab. A drop-down list will appear with multiple options, click on the .xls or .xlsx and then click on the start to convert.


PDFelement Pro is professional convertor software specializing in converting PDF to Excel and other file formats while keeping the original formatting and layout as it is. With its advanced OCR feature, you can convert scanned PDF to Excel files easily and even batch convert PDFs.  And iSkysoft provides 50% discount off now. If you are interested, you can buy it via this link.

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