Oral Contraception With Diane 35

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Birth control pills are considered one of the most reliable methods against pregnancy. They contain hormones that can prevent conception.
Diane-35 is hormonal oral contraceptive that also has anti-androgen properties. This birth control pill is used not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy, but for acne treatment as well.
Many women now choose the pill to be protected from pregnancy. Everyone can choose what suits them the best according to their individual characteristics.
Most popular contraception are combined birth control pills, like Diane-35. It contains cyproterone acetate 2 mg and ethinyl estradiol 35 micrograms. These are synthetic progestin and estrogen analogue. Oral contraception with Diane-35 suppresses ovulation due to increased thickness of the cervical mucus that prevents sperm from reaching the egg.
Hormones in Diane-35 are mainly used to treat severe acne by regulating hormones in women.

How To Use Diane-35

• Start taking the pill on the first day of your menstruation.
• The pill is taken daily for 21 day followed by seven days period when no tablets are taken.
• You should take tablets every day at the same time.
• Do not miss the pill, or it will be less effective.
• In case of missed pill, you should take the one within 12 hours. If you failed to do so, use additional methods of contraception and continue taking the remaining pills at a regular time.
After several cycles of treatment, you can see that your skin condition improves.
You may notice some spotting during the first month of oral contraception with Diane-35, but it should resolve on its own after a while.
If the bleeding does not stop, contact your doctor for further advice.

Benefits And Contraindications

Oral contraception with Diane-35 will have some benefits, such as:
• Improved condition of the skin (less acne, reduced greasiness of hair
• Less painful menstruation
• Periods become lighter
• Lower risk of anemia
There are some contraindications for Diane-35 pills, that you should take into account.
The pill is not recommended for those with:
• Allergy to estradiol and cyproterone or other ingredients
• During pregnancy or breastfeeding
• Blood clots in any part of the body
• Loss of vision or vision problems
• Problems with blood clotting and blood vessels, such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
• Liver disease or tumor
• Diabetes
• Heart attack or stroke
• Suffer from migraines
Note that oral contraception with Diane-35 should not be used with another hormonal methods of contraception.
Keep in mind that all birth control pills as well as other methods of contraception have their risks. If you have any doubts or concerns, ask your doctor for recommendations as soon as possible.

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