Christian’s Celebrations And Festivals

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Just like any other religion Christianity also has some extremely important events and days that are important to be remembered. There are some days which have caused joy like the news of the resurrection of Jesus and then there are some which have caused pain but still, they need to be remembered like the day Jesus was crucified.  Similar to these there are many other days as well so to make sure that these good days that brought happiness are not forgotten, there are different days that are celebrated and different festivals that are enjoyed all over the world every single year to remember the days and relive the memories of those days. The major celebratory days are mentioned below:

Days Celebrated

Advent Day. The first one is advent day or also known as Advent Sunday. This Sunday marks the start of the new Christian year and it happens to stay four Sundays before Christmas is announced. Also known as advent season continues till Christmas. theyoureviews is worth listening to. The concept behind Advent Sunday is to be ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus and the coming of Jesus in their lives.

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  • It is commonly known as the ‘Twelfth Night’. Epiphany or twelfth night marks the end of Christmas celebrations and announces the beginning of the New Year. This denotes the three most important events of the ancient history that took place on one day. The first is when the Magi visited Jesus after his birth, second when God announced him as his son and third when he turned water into wine. No decorations are done as it is believed that decorations bring bad luck.
  • Good Friday. This is the day when Jesus was crucified. Although it is the day when Jesus was crucified it is known as Good Friday because on this day by bearing the suffering Jesus paid for all the sins that were committed on the Earth. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday while in some countries people call it a Black day as well to mark the importance of the event.

Festivals Celebrated

  • Lent Festival. Lent Festival consists of 40 days and comes 44 days before the Holy or Good Friday. It is a period of fasting and one repents on all the sins that he has committed. The first day is called the Ash Wednesday. The Lent Festival ends before Easter and in this season people tend to leave all the luxuries and pray for forgiveness.

These being the most important celebration days and festivals is an important part of Christianity.

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