Seth Coffing Discusses How Paralympics Is Changing the Way People Perceive Disabilities

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The word “disability” has many meanings. For years, it meant limitations due to social norms, but in the last few years, there’s been a movement against those limitations. Today, people are shattering these precious preconceptions and giving way to new opportunities for those who were once restricted by these erroneous views. In this article, experienced coach Seth Coffing shares his insights on how Paralympics is changing the way people perceive disabilities.

Because of this change, they are now able to do more and participate in things that would have been unheard of even 30 years ago. They are now able to take part in nearly everything from musical ensembles to sports. The Paralympics is a great example of what those with a disability can achieve.

Through the power of community and changing the way people think came unique events like the Paralympics. Now, the Paralympics is pushing these notions even further than ever before.

It Gives Role Models to Look Up To

Up until recently, people with disabilities haven’t been represented well in the media. Events like the Paralympics changed that for the better.

It has given kids and adults role models to look up to and inspire them to push far beyond the invisible barriers set up by society to limit them. Being able to see someone who has faced the challenges of an amputated leg or having to navigate life in a wheelchair persevere beyond what is considered to be their “social norm” is important. That’s because it shows them they are capable of anything they put their mind to.

Many of the Paralympic athletes have also gone on to participate in sports alongside mainstream sports. When these two realms start to entangle, these role models’ incredible feats begin to inspire society as a whole.

Watching anyone complete a rigorous race on land or in water is extraordinary as it is, but seeing someone who has gone against all odds and can participate in such demanding sporting events that the average person can’t do is truly inspiring.

It Goes Beyond Sports

Paralympics has made many breakthroughs in the sports world, but it has also gone beyond that. Because it has aided in normalizing disabilities and has shown how adept those with a disability truly are, disabilities have become far more accepted in society.

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Take, for example, Josh Sundquist. He is a world-renowned comedian who’s famous for being an amputee. In fact, many of his jokes are based off of his disability in a way that aims to normalize his disability. His hilarious stories about his adventures with his amputations have rocked the world and gone viral numerous times, but none of this would have happened if the movement towards acceptance hadn’t started years earlier.

Besides entertainment, sports, and societal views, the Paralympics have also raised awareness of disabilities, which has helped in making the world handicap accessible. Without it, there would be no ramps leading into buildings or braille on sidewalks to facilitate in people’s lives.

About Seth Coffing:

Seth Coffing is a devoted coach, mentor, and leader with a proven track record. Since high
school, he has been accumulating victories in football, basketball, and baseball, and he has
continued to do so in his 19-year-long coaching career. Seth Coffing is a team leader adept at
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