How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans

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How To Wear Jordans With Jeans Men

How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans. They’re an iconic footwear staple that epitomises street style and appeals to everyone from players and fans to sneakerheads and stylish gents. So, while you’ll still see them teamed with shorts for the court, you’re just as likely to spot them on the street with a pair of jeans. Of course, wearing Jordans with How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans can be harder than it looks. After all, there are many aspects to consider, like the style, colour, and silhouette. So, to help you nail the perfect blend of casual and cool, we’ve created this guide on how to wear Jordans with jeans.

How to Wear Jordans with Jeans

Choose Slim Jeans

Due to their generally chunky appearance, Jordans tend to look best when How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans. By creating a sense of balance between your shoes and your pants, a slim cut will achieve a complementary appearance. Of course, while slim jeans are often best, they’re not your only option. Straight-leg and skinny styles can also work well so long as you balance them with what you wear on the top half of your body.

Let Your Jordans Stand Out

How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans, Jordan shoes are made to stand out. So, be sure to let them do so by teaming them with an understated outfit with classic shapes, simple materials and neutral colours. How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans compete for attention and all eyes stay on your killer sneakers.

Skinny Jeans with Jordans

How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans is an excellent way to achieve a modern street style look. The key to pulling the combination off is to ensure your jeans fit close to the leg without being skin-tight or spray-on in appearance. How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans can make particularly stylish choices, especially when paired with a casual jacket and bold Jordans.

Slim Jeans with Jordans

How to Wear Air Jordans with Jeans are often the most effortless style to team with Jordans. Not only do they appear balanced with the chunkier, classical Jordans, but they also complement more modern, slim styles as well. Additionally, as their shape is subtle, they provide freedom to wear a variety of styles on top. So, whether you want to rock an oversized tee or a slim-fit shirt and tailored blazer, you can do so with confidence.

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Ripped Jeans with Jordans

Combining athletic influences with a whole lot of attitude, outfits that team ripped jeans with Jordans can look seriously cool. The edgy streetwear ensemble is perfect for gents who enjoy a rough-around-the-edges style and can look great with jeans of any colour. To rock the look, remember to avoid boldly patterned Jordans, which may seem too much with ripped jeans, and keep your look casual up top.

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