How Important is Your Business Logo?

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Starting a business means having your days filled with paperwork and meetings. Sometimes, you can barely even list down all the things you need to accomplish. When we’re preoccupied with the dozens we need to finish, we tend to simplify our tasks with different helpful tools like an image generator or a LinkedIn lead generation tool. However, logo creation shouldn’t be one of those tasks.

Conceptualizing and designing a logo might not seem like a priority, but it should be. Aside from being a great way to establish your brand identity, your logo is the first thing your customers will notice.

Why pay attention to your logo?

Safe to say that your logo is up there in importance beside the products you put out and the customers you attract. It helps shape who your brand is, and gives you an air of identity as you go around and let people know about you.

Apart from that, it helps introduce your brand to your customers in a matter of seconds— enough to make a lasting impression. 

Things to consider when designing

Before you start your rough sketches, there are some things you might want to consider for your brand logo. For starters, always take into mind your history and audience. The effectivity of your design is dependent on how accurately customers can capture what you do from just the logo itself. 

Further, it pays to look up the Psychology of Color. When creating your brand, it’s crucial to determine your tone. Are you playful and energetic? Or mysterious and calm? A good logo reflects your overall brand personality with simplicity.

Now that we’ve laid down the basics, here are six reasons why you should invest time and energy in designing your brand logo.

1) First impressions last

You know what they say: First impressions can make or break your business. Your logo is the first thing anyone will notice. Make it eye-catching, and you leave users curious. Make it plain, and your users won’t even give you a second glance. 

Grab your target market’s attention by creating a logo that is interesting, unique, and hard-to-ignore. Apart from that, a professional logo will help you establish that your company is here for the long run.

2) Stand out from the crowd

It’s challenging to stand out when you’re in the midst of hundreds of new ventures, whether your niche is tech, style, or food and beverage. Your logo will separate you from the competition, so you can communicate why you’re unique.

Similarly, it encourages recognition. Your market will be able to remember you just from your logo, and that type of familiarity is excellent for any business venture.

3) Set your brand identity

Storytelling is key to successful branding, and any brand that establishes who they are is sure to attract more customers consistently. With a carefully-thought-of logo, you announce who you are from the get-go. 

It’s nice to keep in mind that your logo will soon be stamped on anything related to your business— so it’s a foundation for anything that will be associated with your company.

4) A lasting memory

When your users start to associate your brand with your logo, they’re unlikely to forget about your venture. More so if they have good experiences with your product or service. Emotional connection begins with what the customers perceive from the first time they come across your brand. Designing a logo that catches their attention is the first step to creating a lasting memory with your audience.

5) Show your professionalism

When conducting business, your customers’ trust matters. And one way to do that is by showing your professionalism. A well-designed logo is an excellent way for customers to see the quality of services you provide. 

Additionally, showing consistency in everything— even in having your logo designed professionally — implies your reliability.

6) It’s your footprint

The online world is a treasure box of numerous platforms, which gives your brand a ton of opportunities to stamp your identity everywhere. With a logo, it’s easier for people to associate any content with your brand visually. Not only will this enhance your brand loyalty, but it entices users to visit you as well.

A logo is one of the most crucial things that startups tend to forget. Investing in a simple yet professional logo is a long-term win-win for your business. Any entrepreneur who’s serious in starting a new venture needs a good logo to accompany his promising ideas.

All in all, your logo is the face of your company. Anything and everything you do will reflect to your brand, and being consistent helps your consumers remember you better. Think of it as making a statement and standing out. Would you put a rushed, mediocre signage on the lobby area of your soon-to-be headquarters? I didn’t think so!

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