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There were times when people or organizations used to keep their important data in the written form on paper. Clerks in the offices would take a record of all the data and manage it in the form of files. Sending original files to different organizations was a risk and it took time as well. Still, many countries in the world, using paper for record-keeping. But there are some threats to physically record keeping:

  • Important files were continuously at risk of being stolen. As it was very to maintain security.
  • Files can be burnt down to ashes.
  • It is very difficult to make multiple copies of physically written large data.
  • The cost of paper is continuously increasing.
  • It takes a lot of time to write. 
  • The offices are full of thousands of files, so there is a threat of misplacing a file easily. Plus offices are running out of space to keep a record of years of transactions.

Then times changed, and it came up with computers. People started typing the documents instead of writing them. It was a revolution in the history of file keeping. Now people can keep their files into computers instead of shelves and it became easier to create backups of their important data. It also ensured the security of the whole database as you could lock all the important files and folders. Threat of being stolen of files, reduced to bottom and it was way cheaper than paper. But as time passed, bad guys learned to break into the computers and databases. again, some threats arose to computer-based record keeping take a look here:

  • Hackers started to break security codes and stealing data.
  • Virus attacks corrupting all the files. If you don’t have a backup, it would be impossible to retrieve data.
  • Some viruses also can destroy your backups.
  • Stealing the hard drive is also a possibility to make damage to any organization or person individually.
  • Multiple hard drives with large capacities and powerful computer systems were costly.

To overcome these shortcomings, information technology revolutionized the record-keeping once again and it introduced the safest way to keep records. That idea is termed as cloud computing. Putting all your important data online is the safest, cheapest and easiest to retrieve from anywhere in the world. There are some very famous online services like Google Drive, DropBox and many others which can be used to keep tons of huge data for free or for a very low price. Some pros of online record keeping are:

  • It is the safest mode of managing databases. As the security is ensured at a very high level.
  • You can take multiple backups and even if your file is lost, you can retrieve it from the previous checkpoint.
  • It is the cheapest technology. You don’t need to buy huge systems or hard drives for your organizations.
  • You can retrieve your data from anywhere, on any system in the world.
  • So we suggest you to be safe and use Cloud computing technologies instead of paper or personal computers.

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