How To Choose A Carbon Handlebar Online

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To choose a carbon handlebar on the road bike seems not to be hard, but do you really know how to choose carbon handlebars online? In this post, we will share our experiences with 3 different methods to choose a carbon handlebar online without wasting your money.

1. Aliexpress


There is no doubt that to check on Aliexpress might be the first choice for a lot of people who want to buy no brand carbon fiber products. The truth is that you can find cheap handlebars on Aliexpress, but make sure to check the following options before move forward.

☑️ Free Shipping

☑️ 4 Stars & Up

☑️ Sort by “Orders”

2.    Rinasclta Bike


With Rinasclta bike, you can find either aerodynamic handlebar, integrated handlebar or classic round tube handlebar. Just check around on the website, they also offer bike guides for choosing bike size, bike handlebar, bike wheels and so on.

3. Google Image Search


Search in google image will be able to find the major trending handlebars you could find in the market. You can browse easily to locate the right handlebar you like, and then go ahead to check the specifications.

Hope this guide could help you on choosing the right carbon handlebar you want without wasting any more money.

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