5 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress

5 Tips To Choose Your Wedding Dress

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Hello young future bride, today we will talk about choosing your wedding dress. To help you, here are my 5 essential tips that will help you find the wedding dress you’ve always dreamed of.

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Plan a fitting day

What do you think? You’re going to show up on D-Day in bridal shops and they’ll tell you “but of course you can try anything you want”. No, sorry to disappoint you but you have a good chance of being thrown away. So you will have to plan a day for your wedding dress fitting. To avoid running everywhere, select stores based on their location and plan 1:30 each time between appointments so you do not have to rush.

Learn about the dress shops that you will visit

Making an appointment in all the shops in your city will not be very useful (apart from wasting time). You will have to do depending on the style of wedding dress you want but mostly according to your budget. If you only like princess wedding dresses, there is no point in making an appointment with a designer who only makes flowing wedding dresses. You will lose your time and him too. Which is quite annoying. If you ask me, I would recommend you to buy online and for your info, JJ’s House is the best online shop selling wedding-related dresses.

Set a maximum budget for the purchase of your wedding dress

Do not hesitate, when making an appointment, to announce the maximum price (if you have one) that you can put in your wedding dress. If you can let go in “no limit” mode for the choice of your D-Day outfit, it’s cool, but it’s pretty rare, so I’d rather talk to you first. This will save you the frustration of having a crush on a $ 7000 wedding dress while you cannot spend more than $ 2,000. Before choosing your wedding dress, you must first have an idea of your budget. And choose the shop where you will go for your fittings according to this budget.

Stay “open minded” as to the desired wedding dress style

Try all types of wedding dresses before making your final choice. Empire wedding dresses, flowing wedding dresses, voluminous wedding dresses, strapless wedding dresses, mermaid wedding dresses … how many times in your life will you have the chance to do this kind of fitting? Normally never again, so much to enjoy. Even if you already know the style of dress you would like, you are not immune to a good surprise, so have fun!

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Do not rush to buy

You did not have the favorite? Give yourself time for reflection. If you have any hesitation keep your checkbook warm. My advice: before paying anything, get out of the store, go have a coffee or tea with your companions to discuss. If after an hour you know that your choice is the right one then go ahead, but otherwise wait. I have seen far too many brides being forced into the hands of agile sellers and regretting it.

The tips above can also be applied when you want to buy some wedding guest dresses. Basically they are the same but certainly there are more emphasis on wedding dresses.

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