The Emotional Benefits Of The Performing Arts For Today’s Youth

The Emotional Benefits Of The Performing Arts For Today’s Youth

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Being a child in today’s world can be difficult, it can be challenging and it can be stressful. While modern childhood isn’t very different from the time when we were children, there are some important differences that make can increase the emotional effects our children feel from the world around them. Children today are much more prone to anxiety, fear and depression and as many parents turn to their family doctors for a pharmaceutical solution, some are turning to the performing arts.

4 Emotional Benefits Of The Performing Arts For Today’s Youth

We already know why the performing arts are an important part of today’s educational system, but how it benefit a child emotionally? What are the emotional benefits of the performing arts for today’s youth? Let’s take a look:

Children Who Perform Are Able To Think And Process Information More Quickly- being able to ‘think on your feet’ is a skill that can lead to great success in both childhood and as an adult. If something goes wrong on stage, a performer can react quickly and improvise. Whether it is a performer missing a line or playing the wrong note, being able to think quickly enough to cover the mistake and continue on with the performance is an important skill that all performers have. It also teaches children that making a mistake isn’t as scary as they think and they can always find a way to fix it.

Children Who Perform Are Able To Control Their Anxiety- children get nervous and we need to show them that there isn’t anything wrong with that and that it is completely natural. It is how they respond to the anxiety that we need to be concerned with. If left unchecked, anxiety can take over every aspect of their lives and affect everything from schoolwork to personal relationships. The performing arts teach children how to control their anxiety and how to overcome that overwhelming feeling that you might make a mistake or not be able to do something.

Children Who Perform Are Able To Express New Emotions- expressing emotions is something that many children find very challenging. Expressing new emotions that they have never felt or even knew existed is something that the performing arts makes possible. From empathy through acting, to the physical expression of their emotions through dance, performing makes children much more comfortable when expressing or talking about their feelings.

Children Who Perform Have Much Higher Self-Esteem- self-esteem is something that we could all use a little more of at times and this is especially true for children. Children with low self-esteem tend to get lower grades and act out more in class and at home. When performing, children receive instant feedback and just the sound of the applause and knowing that it is for them can be very rewarding.

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