Solutions in Law – The Fastest Solution to Get Your US Visa for Ireland

Solutions in Law – The Fastest Solution to Get Your US Visa for Ireland

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US visa for Ireland

The quickest way to get your US visa for Ireland is through a quick call to Solutions in Law. This is a law firm that has over the years given immigration solutions to our clients in the United Kingdom, USA and in many other parts of the world. We are based in London but through our legal advice and incomparable services we have spread our tentacles far and wide. Our speciality is US immigration law. Our lawyers have gained quite a reputation for getting our clients their US visa for Ireland both for temporary and permanent residence.

The first step of visa application is recognising which type of visa you will need. This is greatly determined by your reason for wanting to go to the US. After the purpose, the length of your stay is also a determining factor in the type of visa that you will be applying for.

Employment Visa

Under employment visa are both temporary types of visas and a more permanent one, also known as green card status. In order to get the American work visa, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services first has to process the petition. The US visa application takes place at the US embassy.

Business Visa

There are two main ways in which you can enter into the US for business purposes, the first being the US Waiver program, the second is what is referred to as the B1 visa. You must note, however, that the B1 visa is not the same as the American work visa.

Tourism Visa 

The tourism visa is also referred to as the B2 visa. The B1 and B2 are commonly referred to as a whole as the B1/B2 visa. The two are merged this way so as to allow those who have travelled for business purposes to also tour the US.

Investor visa

If you wish to invest in the US then you will need to apply for the E2 visa. Albeit temporary, this type of visa can be renewed once in the US. A more permanent option is the EB-5 visa, but this needs you to make an investment of $500,000 or $1,000,000, whichever will be applicable at the time of the application.

Spouse visa 

If your spouse is in the US and you may want to join them from Ireland, then they may file a petition to that effect. If the petition is accepted, the visa application process then follows. This type of visa allows for the spouse to live and work in the US.

There are many issues that are bound to arise either in the processing of the petition or visa application itself. Generally, visa application is not child’s play and requires a lot of work and time. In order to make the entire process less tedious, you need by your side lawyers who are not only at your beck and call, but also understand immensely the details of the US immigration law. A little mishap might cause an entire application to go awry. That is why it is important to be careful in the gathering and filling in of all the necessary forms, preferably with the guidance of an experienced immigration lawyer.

Even after taking great care with the forms, complexities are still bound to arise which can spiral into ineligibility to enter the US. Solutions in Law has handled plenty of such cases, most of which looked liked they had hit a wall. The team of lawyers appreciate the challenge of each case and will help you navigate the legal processes and get your work, business, student or marriage visa.

Yet another frustrating part of the entire application process is the waiting. Not much can be done to completely avoid the waiting time which can be a very anxious period. In the event of an emergency, however, you can be guided to apply for an expedited visa that will allow you to meet the timelines of your travel.

For our clients in Ireland who can not reach us for a face to face meeting, we are equipped and qualified enough to dispense of our advice via telephone. You can make follow ups as frequently as you wish, as we understand this can be a very trying period so plenty of questions are bound to arise. If you need a visa to the US, we are just the firm to approach.

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